A Little Peak {35}

Just a little peak into my world this past year...

Highlights...food, fun, and of course,  family.

Visiting Oregon and heading to the U-pick blueberry fields with the boys to stuff ourselves silly was wonderful...

Working on my sweet grandpa's life history picture book.  He'll be 95 this summer.  I love him.

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is when this kid wraps his little arms around my neck.   The world flies out the window.

My 1st homemade blueberry pie...recipe via The Pioneer Woman...

and my 1st shot at homemade marionberry jam.

My favorite Christmas gift to give so far...{you can get this printable here they are at the end of the post.}

This needs no explanation...

Love this kid. I've never seen anyone so into Star Wars in my life. I've learned more about the force than I ever thougth possible.;)

Oh, and I learned a big lesson. If you have a sweet-tender hearted little man in your life, its not a good idea to use the phrases that can be taken literally such as, "If I tell you I'll have to kill you."  And when he says you shouldn't talk on the phone while you drive...he's probably right.  I can't imagnie my day without him.  I miss him while he's at school & can't wait for our next adventure together.

Could I love these two any more? I can't imagine it. They made my year and continue to make my life. I'm so blessed.

 Thanks are in order for my loving Father in Heaven.
I am truly blessed & grateful. 
May I love, serve, and live this next year to its fullest!

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