Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

We think you do great work and we love all of the seasons.

We were just wondering if you didn't get the memo about Spring already being here.

You see, last week it was in the high 60's for two days and we had a super great time in the great outdoors!  Ethan has been working hard at the monkey bars & that's tough when you have arms like little noodles.

And this guy?  Well, he's a wild man and just needs to run and run.  Do you remember being 2 1/2 Mother Nature?  If not, let me just tell you that they need to be outside playing and exploring as often as possible...for everyone's sanity.

But now we hear there a few more snowy storms heading our way. 

We need your help.

Silly string just isn't an indoor activity.  Outside in short sleeves is the way to go... 

And you can even use it and REAL string?! I never would have guessed...just leave it to Ethan to start creating out of silly string!

So we are pleading...please bring the warmth back.  As much as we love baking in the kitchen...

 and sporting our brothers clone troopers underwear over our diapers...

we'd really rather be outside. 

Toad and Family


Sailing with bare feet said...

Adorable pictures !! Such a cutie :)
You can visit me at my blog here

Dawn said...

Come to Vegas! No snow here :)

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