My Swimming Lessons

{Slow Learner}
We {heart} water.  Like many of you...summer means swimming, sunblock, & swim diapers. I've realized that long gone are the days of a relaxing when I visit the pool. 
{Remember when you could just sit and flip through a magazine or close your eyes for an extended period of time?  I know, its a total blurr for me too;)}

I also used to think that I was pretty smart...but I'm realizing that I'm not as quick as I used to be.  Case in Point...its only taken me 5+ yrs of hauling kids to the water for me to learn the following swimming lessons...

If I don't want to chase Aidan all over the place then I need to keep him busy.  Sand toys make AWESOME water toys...

Bath toys are also great for those not ready for slides, lazy rivers, or goggles...
{this is our cousin Amelia}

But just a quick warning...your kids may not be the only ones who think your toys are cool!  Sometimes they may attract a little crowd of new friends!

{The Double Diaper}
Swim diapers are required at most pools these days, and some even require 2!  The purpose of the disposable swim diaper is to keep the poopy out of the water.  But it obviously doesn't absorb a little wee wee...right?

Ask me how I know?  I used to put on the swim diapers before we left home {my boys pretty much run into the pool once they see the water...and its a battle to hold them back} & sometimes even after swimming I'd just through them into the car.

And then the stinky came.

That car seat REALLY started to smell. 

And here was my solution...the double diaper.  I just put both diapers on before we leave, lather on the sunblock, and off we go.  Once at the pool I just pull the regular diaper off and...tah dah! We are in the pool in no time!

Having kids wear bright swimwear makes it so much easier to spot them!

Especially if its a busy day at the pool!

{Ethan's Tip}
I'm pretty sure this is the official way to enter a pool with flippers on...;)
{On another Note}
Just got an email letting me know what this bad boy is on sale from for $85! And shipping is free! 

I don't may be the time for you to get one! Getting my 1st machine 18 months ago was life changing!:)

And just think of all of the those Christmas gifts you could make!:) 

And back to swimming...I'm out of cool things to say...oh, except that I wanted to let you know {if you don't already} that McDonald's has KIDDIE CONES!! Not all of them offer have to ask, but if they do the are SO great.  At $.25-$.50 depending on the restaurant they are the best post-swimming treat we've found.  Sorry, no picts...they disappear too fast.

{The Border}
In Utah, the borders are not very controversial.  I mean, if anyone is crossing from Idaho they are probably chasing some sort of livestock.   Utah and Idaho get along pretty well as far as I know...they even share this amazing water hole...aka  Bear Lake.

{Too bad Arizona doesn't share a beautiful lake on their Southern Border...people would just want to stay just where they are!  And it IS a big lake...right after college one of my best friends...Barb Morgan...brought me to Bear Lake & I fell in love instantly.  We decided to bike around it...6 hours later we were sore in places I never knew I had, starving, and popping Advil like crazy.   Ah, Barb!}

Prepare: These next few pictures are in the running for my favorites this summer.   And yes, Aidan's legs are that tan. He's got me beat.

What? Seagulls? Yes.

This history behind the seagulls in Utah goes something like this. {And you should all know better than to quote me...;)}

The pioneers of Utah came across the plains to escape religious persecution. There wasn't much to farm, but they worked hard and started planting and harvesting food. I'm not sure exactly what time of year it was, but crickets came in DROVES and began eating and destroying the settlers only chance for survival. The pioneers prayed for help and guess what came to eat the cricket? You better believe it...SEAGULLS!
I love that bit of history. Don't believe me?'s link to prove it...and if you ever visit SLC you'll have to go downtown and see the statue built to remember the experience. 

Our friend Anli is taking a break {and Ethan's future wife if we have anything to say about it;)}...doesn't she have the best eyes?!

I thought I was pretty cool when I took this picture.  Love the toys, water, and.....well,  I didn't notice the little swimmer in the background.    Hmmmmmmm.   Sorry. I'm not THAT good with Photoshop.;)

I hope Gina doesn't mind if I post this one...I couldn't resist. Love it.

PS The berry shakes here are highly recommended.  So are the onion rings if you really want to go for it!

{Will's Bday!}
And on the home front...
Happy Birthday Will! Will is my father-in-law and the green thing in his hand is a hammer. 

Can you believe summer is 1/2 over? Boo hoo hoo.   So now I have to warn ya...the berries are back.  {More to come!}


Matt 'n Erin said...

Hey Em! This post makes me anxious! We are heading to Bear Lake soon for our family reunion. And boy do I need a break!!!
We love it there too!

Strictly Sewing said...

Question. How do you do your tutorials with the cool font and arrows on your pics? Please e-mail me ( comment on your blog. Thanks.

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