{FG's} Part 2

{Part 2}
During the summer most of us are involved with some sort of family gathering's {FG's}.  If you missed my last post, I decided to share a few useful tips that will surely enhance your next FG.  Here's a quick recap of a few suggestions--in random order...

Have good food.  It doesn't matter how young, old, short, tall, weird, sassy, shy, funny, or not funny...food brings a smile to every face...

And if you can't think of anything "good" to make just go and get the biggest fattiest marshmellow you can find.  Just looking at it is great, but watching someone try to down that baby will certainly bring at a smile to someone's face!

Use it, love it. 

Oh, and here's a link I like that has some fun water ideas.

And here's today first tip...enjoy the moment.  The logistic of bringing family together can cause any laid back guy or gal to get a big old headache.  Will anyone really remember that you used frozen hamburger patties or didn't make homemade potato salad?  


They will remember the people.

And although some are a bit easier to love than others...

just try to see the good in everyone--even your brother-in-law.  So what if he and has a fake front tooth because his real one was knocked out as a kid, or that he can diagnose you with an ailment on the spot.;)

Okay fine. This was a bad example...this guy is actually REALLY great...and not just because his brother--James Valentine--is the lead guitarist in Maroon 5!  {Yes, I use that as my big claim to fame...well, sort of..indirectly...alright fine...i'm totally stretching that one.;)}

He's just an all-around fun person!

Anyways, you HAVE to love anybody who is willing to smile and let you take a picture of them!

So just pause, take a breath, and love the moment. You won't have it again.

What if you're still not feelin' it after my pep talk?  Just battle it out. For reals. 

My mother-in-law calls it a snowball fight...I call it a great way to "get" those you'd really like to.;)

I know you are asking, "What in the world?!"  Believe me, I had my doubts.  But this it GREAT.

This is the deal.  Do you see the long nylon stocking that they are hanging onto in the picture below?  It is filled with flour!  {And yes, evidently they are still making nylons.}

And here are a few simple strategies. 

And although you may have started on teams.  It really doesn't matter.  Just use this time to your advantage.

And be sure to get a picture afterwards.  It may be the only time that EVERYONE is smiling because they got it all out. ;)

I think this one belongs above the fireplace FOR SURE!

Then after the battle, just plug your ears, get blown off, and then PLEASE take a shower. 

I wish you the best with your next FG! And if its this weekend and you are an American,  have a fun and happy 4th!! 


Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Fantastic post - I Love it. I am adding nylons to my shopping list tomorrow ;) Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! Thanks for reminding us what fun and family is all about ~ Stephanie Lynn

Bird said...

How fun!! :)

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