Bring it on Boden

{Mini Boden}
If you haven't heard of Boden... well, then you probably aren't in the market to pay $22 for a regular priced appliqued shirt.  And if you don't know what applique is...well, then you're about to find out!;)
{I was in the same boat about a year ago when I learned that you could use fusible lining that pretty much glues 2 pieces of about together--with or WITHOUT sewing. I know, sweet right?}

I'm actually really digging Boden style, but not the price tag attached.  So, I went to work to see what I could come up with.  And lookie here! 


{I'm NOT lying}
So all of you out there who say, "Can't do that, I don't have a sewing machine"...Watch and Learn.    You'll be loving this fusible lining.  {And if you do have a machine and want to reinforce the applique, just sew around it.  Simple.}

The trick I found was finding a cute fabric with a design I could  use.  I'm not cool enough to sit and piece fabric together to make my applique, so Riley Blake helped me out with this one.

{Toad's Shoppe}
I love you.  So if you really don't want to deal with this whole worries.  I made a few extra tees and threw them in my new Toad's Shoppe.   And if you want a sweatshirt you can see what I have in my Etsy Shop for ya.  And if you buy one before July 15 you get FREE SHIPPING.  Just email me before you buy one and I'll take off the shipping.   Email:

{Easy Peazy Picture Tutorial}
Like a good picture book?:)  Well, its your lucky day.  You get another picture tute!  Don't worry, I have faith in you...and you can always email me with questions.;) 

Good luck and let's do this thing!

OPTIONAL for reinforcement...

See, now that wasn't so bad was it? 


Donna@My Sweet Things said...

Such a great fun touch and very little work! Love this project!

Neumaisse said...

Steam a SEam ROCKS. Love the stuff! I do this in the exact same way for covers for the kids throw pillows on their beds too!

Jana said...

Cute, Cute, Cute! I love your embellished hoodie!

teedle. said...

Luv luv luv this!

annies home said...

awesome very cool

M Smith said...

I love fusible web/lining. That's how we made all our letters sweatshirts in college. :o) Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!

Crystal said...

Very cute! I have never tried that stuff-it looks so easy.

Anonymous said...

this is such a great idea - easy, adorable, awesome! i've included this in my weekly roundup of inspiring ideas, blogged here:

SewSara said...

cute idea! i have that fabric, too, and i love boden (but have never bought anything)

Amanda said...

This is so cute and I would love to feature it on Copycat Crafts! However, because the photo i want to use includes your son, I won't use it without your permission. Please let me know if that's acceptable. I don't copy your post, instead I use a picture, right a short blurb and link directly to your post. Thanks!

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