{FG's } Dream vs Nightmare


They may be a dream come true, or they may be your biggest nightmare.  To what am I referring?

Family Gatherings.

Come on people. You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  Either you like them or you don't.  However, if you have to go then you might as well enjoy yourself.  And I'm going to help you.

After spending last weekend at our annual get together with my in-laws, I have decided to share with you a few things that might aid you in this social adventure.  Of course with my professional background in recreation I'm sure you'll hang on every word.;) 

{Yes, my BA is in Recreation Management with an emphasis in Leisure Services Management, yes it is a REAL major, yes I got a job IN MY FIELD after college and LOVED it, and yes I actually USE my degree ALL of the time--yeah, look who's laughing now.!;)}

With that being said...

This is the Part 1 of my Family Gathering Survival Tips...

{#1 Water}
Use it as much as possible.  Hot summers = water fun.  I don't care if you use balloons, sprinklers, water fights, relays, hoses, buckets, cups, pools, lakes, rivers, oceans...you get the picture.   Water must be involved if a summer family get-together is to be successful.
Swimming is always a great option, and so is a life jacket...

But just remember you want to have a good time too...If your hair is in your face, your goggles are filling up with water, and your life vest seems to be strangling you...JUST STOP.

Its not worth it...

Using water to float on is a great way to go,

however, spitting it out onto someone else is not.

Look. Even a deflated pool with 1 inch of water can make little people very happy and entertained for a long period of time...

Oh, and if you add a stick to the water if adds even more fun and excitement...

Oh, and DON'T forget a towel!

{Tip #2: Add a cow}

Adding a cow to your family event will add a dimension of enjoyment you never knew existed.

I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good cow race?

And you'll be surprised how certain family members connect with this grand animal.

Who could ask for more than a cow train ride? 
Ethan is definitely having the time of his life...

And if you can't round up a cow...a pony will do just fine.;)

{Tip #3 Snackie Shackie}

My last tip of the day is to use food as often as possible during your family get-together.  If regular meals aren't enough, open a concessions stand. 

You don't need a big event to open shop, just throw on a movie in the backyard and get one of your most trusty & able family members to run it...

Hmmmm. Well, maybe in this case the older brother is the better choice. 

Using currency that everyone can understand is also a big help.

And as long as you have some yummy items to offer...
{for more about these party bags you can see my last post}

you will have very happy customers:

{Part 2}
And you know I'm having way too much fun with this to stop now.  Part 2 will be coming soon and you can gleen even more life-changing tips from my expert knowledge.;)  {I know.  And you thought you only had the 4th of July to look forward to this week!} 

My emphasis in my next "Family Gathering Survival Tips" post will be on...

yes, you guessed it.  Love.  If you're not already feeling it, I'll help you out. I promise.;)



Anonymous said...

Super Awesome post *giggle*

Emily said...

Great post, made me laugh! I will definitely be using your tips for our next family gathering this weekend! :)

cArLa said...

love this post... you are so funny! the kiddies are sooo cute too!

Family of 5 said...

Hey Emily, so I don't know if you even remember me... but I found your blog through Trey and Lucy's that was on my friend's blog...and realized hey I know you! You used to babysit us...your parents live down the street from my parents...the Miller's...up on Hampden Lane...k, it was forever ago...but maybe you remember, my blog is www.steinerfam5.blogspot.com in case you need to see a pic! :), anywho...LOVE your blog, you are soo crafty and creative...and I am finding some awful good ideas from it! So keep them coming! Bye! -Anna

Chasity said...

Great pics! New follower via Shutter Love.

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