Beans & Babies

{Melting Pot Bean&Rice=Yum}

Does this look good to you?  {Well, as good as a picture that I can take...}

If so, you'll want to read this post.  If not, just go about your next blog hop & we'll catch ya later:)

{The Story}

If you've ever lived on or visited the East Coast you know how amazing the food is.  I gain about 10 pounds just thinking about it.  The pieces of pie {pizza} you fold in half, the freshly made bagels {ahh}, and the gnocchi to die for.  Not to mention the gelato from heaven and Dunkin Donuts on every corner. 

Enough already.

While I was living in the lovely garden state of New Jersey for a year and 1/2 I could not eat enough.  If you don't believe me you can ask these 2 lovely ladies...

You see, we were LDS missionaries and got the chance to know eachother {and eat alot together} while teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the amazing people living in NJ.  

No, I won't get too religious on you--but I do have to say that this service bonded us for life.  {If you're curious and want to read a post about this adventure you can click here.}

So its natural that we would want to reunite every now and then...and in fact...a few days ago we got together and brought all of our wee-ones.  And everyone LOVED it.

Meet Tate.  He is the youngest of the group clocking in at 3 months. And he is truly a sweet, mircale child.  You see his dear mother--Siri--suffers from a severe case of HG when she is pregnant. {For which I have complete empathy/sympathy.}

I'm so proud of her for even attempting to have baby #3. 

And even with all the sickness, stress, IV's, doctors, hospitals, etc...I'm positive she would do it all again.  She is an inspiration to me. 

And yes, I'll talk about the beans and a minute.  First you have to see these darling boys of Heather's.  I know I don't even need to say another handsome are they?!

And what does New Jersey have to do with beans and rice?  Well, I'll tell ya. 

New Jersey is known as a "melting pot" with so many nationalities gathering together in one spot.  While living and eating there I learned how to make Haitain, Puerto Rican, & Korean rice...from people of the respective nationalities.  It was all so yummy so say the least.

However, when I came back the was ALOT harder to find the right spices, ingredients, and help {heaven knows I needed it} to make it.  So, I adapted. 

The following recipe is NOT nearly as cool as the orginial, authenic recipes by any means, but its become a staple meal in our home...and we eat it at least 2-3X a week.   Since several of you have asked me for the recipe--here you go!!

{Beans&Rice Baby}

Here's what you'll need...

Just be sure the rice is the type you actually cook on the stove.  Yes, it takes longer, but believe me--its worth it.

Follow the directions on the rice package to give you the correct rice to water ratio, and put it in your pot.

Once its in the pot just add the can of black beans--the beans and liquid. {Don't drain the beans!}

Then you'll add Taco Seasoning.  The seasoning will be to taste, but if I'm making a big fatty pot I'll add 1/2 cup.  If I'm only making a small pot--with like 2 cups of water and 1 cup of rice---I'll add one envelope or 2-3 TBL.

Just cook the rice as long as the package says...and you'll be loving life in no time!

Now go for it!

Oh dear. 

{Win Vinyl}
Oh, and if you make this far in my post you deserve to know that my friend over at Lett'er Express It {vinyl decor} is having another giveaway.  She is giving away 3 of  her cute new designs to 3 different people, and last time I checked she only had 7 comments.  So hurry if you want good odds!:)



Crystal said...

That looks so yummy! I just might need to make this tonight.

Siri said...

Love the photos Em! It's such a great post. Thank you. It's just too bad you can't see your handsome boy Aiden's face in the group pic. But I LOVE the one you added of him at the bottom. Awesome cool color of blue shirt.

As for the beans ... made them just last week!! :) SO SO GOOD!!! Sometimes I add some corn too!

Love you.

amanda said...

This just goes to show how small the blogging world truely is! I stumbled upon your blog through a link of a link of a link and have loved it! You are so talented! I love everything you do!
And then you write a great post about Siri who both my husband, Bryan, and I went to highschool with. Crazy, small world I tell ya!
Congrats to Darren and Siri!
Thanks again for all your inspiration!

HezraBez said...

You are wonderful. Thanks for the link and the good words. I am so sorry Aiden's face is covered up. It is too bad that there is a gap next to me, so it could have all worked:( All of the pictures are great!! Way to go. You truly are a pro.

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