Oven "Mini-Mitt" pattern&tutorial

Are you ready for an EASY, FUN little project just in time for mother's day? These little mini oven mitts will be sure to put a smile on that face of yours! {Or if not the oven mitt, you have to make these YUMMY bread twists sometime--that should do the trick!}

{Background} As usual I have to tell you the method behind my madness. I'm sure you're thinking, what in the world is a mini oven mitt?! Well, let me explain...

I was trying to make an oval oven mitt from a tutorial I found and it turned out so crappy I won't even show you a picture. However, I did learn a few things from the experience:

1) You can buy the "padding" aka a heat resistant material called Insul Bright--for the inside of an oven mitt at your fabric store! I didn't know this. I just asked the Joann's lady and she had it behind the counter and you can get it by the yard! {Don't ask me why it was behind the counter...maybe its worth more than we think!;)}

2)Rectangles are MUCH easier to sew than ovals or circles. Seriously. And much less frustrating. {Right Janeen?:)}

3)Making bias tape isn't too bad! If you're wondering what Bias Tape is I hear ya. A year ago I had no idea what it was, but I'm think it pretty cool stuff now!

The picture below should give you and idea. As far I can tell you use it around edges to make a "clean" look. You can get it at your local fabric store. 4) I thought making a smaller oven mitt would be cute, fun, and practical. However, I do have to tell you that if you or someone in your kitchen has larger hands this mini-mitt may not be the best idea. But don't you fret. I included a "regular" size pattern for the oven mitt as well. {I know, you love me.:)}

So, with out further ado---here you go!

Oven Mini-Mitt's

By Emily at ToadsTreasures.com

Grab these goodies:

  • Fabric {See the pattern for how much you will need}
  • Bias Tape {You can either buy or make it for this pattern. I used both.}
  • Insul-Bright or another heat-proof material for the inside of the mitt

Just print out the pattern & and off we go!

If you like it, let me know! I'll be giving away a set just in time for Mother's Day! To enter the drawing leave a comment and tell me the name of your favorite blog. If you want to add the link that would be fun too. {Yes, I have ulterior motives! I want to see the cool places to visit these days!;)}

See you soon!


Stacey said...

Yeah! I love that you're giving away a set! I totally want to make these....but getting some might even be better! :)

My favorite blog is treyandlucy....I know you know her :) but I honestly feel like I do, too! She was my first "craft" blog I started following and I feel like we're friends.......Is that creepy? I hope not :)

staceywalk at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I think these are the cutest Mitts!!

My favorite blog spot that I always have to stop in and say HEY is "Sew Dang Cute," I get to see so many crafters in one spot along with Tam is creating! http://sewdangcute.blogspot.com/

Michele said...

Cute mitts! I can't name a favorite blog. I read two hundred and forty gazillion of them. There are some creative folks out there! You are not to be excluded!

Tania QT said...

I love your blog and this others: www.tatertotsnadjello.blogspot.com,
www.sewdangcute.blogspot.com, www.nv-craft.blogspot.com and of course www.superqtonthehill.blogspot.com

Cute mittens, great job!

Bird said...

I also have many faves, it's hard to choose...but Toad's Treasures is on my blogroll so it MUST be one of my faves! :)

btw, the most cute, girly mitts I've ever seen!

Reese does it again! :D

Unknown said...

pick the girl who said trey & lucy was her favorite blog :o)

Stephanie said...

So cute! I love too many blogs to list here, but one of my favorite crafty blogs is http://www.dana-made-it.com/.

joylyn said...

Very Cute!

I enjoy Trey and Lucy, but you already know how wonderful she is.

I also really enjoy


Brandy@YDK said...

It's so cute. What a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

The Cheap Chic Momma said...

Wow, yours turned out really cute! I think I'm going to give this a whirl...maybe some mother's day gifts, perhaps?

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