Mini-Mitts are COOL

{What is Cool?}

You know when you think something is really great and that everyone will think so too? That happens to me quite often...but what I'm finding out is that I may not be as cool as I think.:) {Yes, Tanya--this post stems from the conversation we just had.}

My jaw is still dropped that so many people have downloaded my "Trey Owl Pattern"--last time I checked it was almost 700. Whoa. I know. I can't even imagine 700 stuffed owls let alone think of the great crafters who made them! {I'd love to see them though--how fun would that be!} And I thought it was cute, but I didn't realize that it would be so cool! Hmmm.

And now here's my last post-- the mini-mitts. I thought they were totally "awesome".:) I realize that I can't judge my mitts by the number of people who liked them enough to leave a comment, but I thought they were so cool! Ahhh. I guess I may need a cool coach after all...

Bless the 8 of you who left a sweet comment about the Mini-Mitts. I think you guys are totally cool. If I had the time I would love make you each a set of mini-mitts. Really, I would.

But for now I must annouce the lucky gal who won a set of mitts!

{Tania wins!}

Yes, picked Tania over at SuperQT on the Hill as our winner! I just went and checked out her blog and became a follower! She just started her blog and I think its off to a great start--she's having a cute giveaway to celebrate her new beginning so you should stop by if you get the chance. Congrats Tania!

{"The Girlfriend" Reversible Apron}

And yes, the final product of my Mother's Day Trifecta will be coming VERY soon. And yes, I think its cool.;) And yes, I'll explain the name when I post the tutorial.:)

Oh...and the boys say Hi!

love ya later!


Bird said...

I must need lessons too, 'cause I think they're cool! :)

Siri said...

Emily ... I think you are soooo super cool!! Your blog rocks. But I need cool lessons as well ... AND lessons on how to make an uncrafty girl be crafty!! Love you! :)

cArLa said...

emily, make that 11 comments on how cute those mitts are... they are awesome, and the owl pattern, i was one of the ones who downloaded them. take care bella! xo, carla

Tanya said...

I loved them! I was hoping you misspelled my name and that I won them!

Dawn said...

I think the mitts are super cute and would totally make them if I had a sewing machine!

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

It's funny that you posted about this today because I had the same thing happen to me this week. I posted a couple of ideas for Mother's Day... and the one that I liked the best only got ONE comment. I was super bummed about it and now don't know if I should believe my hubby who says it's really cute. Anyway, I love the mitts and added them to my TO DO list. Sorry about not commenting, I've been in a funk this week.

LauraBell said...

I think the oven mitts are SUPER cute! I made the owl and love it! Great job. :)

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