Bye Bye Butterflies!:(

As he wiped the tears from his sweet brown eyes, I felt so sad for him. My tenderhearted 5 year old bid his new friends goodbye today.

For Christmas my awesome aunt Diane {she always gives great "learning" centered gifts} gave Ethan a butterfly kit. It came with a butterfly "home", and a few weeks ago we sent away for the caterpillars...

It was truly amazing {and kind of disgusting} how fast they grew! {I won't give away all of the details so you can get a kit a try it out for yourselves! It really is fun.}

And before we knew it they transformed into these beautiful butterflies!

He took each butterfly carefully out of their "home" and spend as much time as could talking to them and saying his heart felt good-byes. He had named his favorites Phineas and Ferb.

He chased them around the yard for a while, and then came in and told me that he knew how to get them back. He would dress as a butterfly and they would come back and find him.

I told him that we had to get ready to go to preschool so we'd have to look into that later. ;) Then my brave little man announced he would save his money and buy some more. What a loyal friend.

Farewell butterflies!


Tanya said...

ethan you are a sweet little boy. i bet you were such a good caretaker of those butterflies. maybe you will work at the zoo oneday.

metal mama said...

aw how sweet :)

metal mama said...
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Unknown said...

Is this not one of the best projects to do with preschoolers? I did this a couple of years ago and loved every minute of it. Even the saying goodbye part!

I am a member of the Trendy Treehouse Team stopping by to say hello and become a follower. You can see me there once a week, but I would love it if you came to see me at my "spot"! ~Lanie

Anonymous said...

I seen your guest spot on TRENDY TREEHOUSE and I am now your newest follower! I think it is so great how you share so many of your ideas with everyone and take the time to take great pictures and put so much thought and detail in each post. I just think you should know it's appreciated!

Twee Poppets said...

Stopping by a bit late from Follow Me Friday at Trendy Treehouse. I'm now following your blog! Hope you can come by and follow me back. :)

I have a couple giveaways going on right now - one is for a $10 shopping spree at the Sweet as Pie Creations Etsy shop, and the other is for a handmade greeting card, a $5 Starbucks gift card, and a surprise! I hope you'll come enter! :)

Your little guy is so cute and sweet! What a sensitive soul. ^_^

Donna@My Sweet Things said...

What a wonderful experience to share. One that will be remembered.
Such sweet photos!

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