"Super"... sale, treat, winners, & a sneakpeak!

Are you ready for a "Super" post! Even if you aren't a big fan of the Super Bowl this post can help you have a "super" weekend! Why? I'll tell ya...

#1 Super Sale: My Car Seat Blanket Pattern PDF

I decided to have a sale on my Car Seat Blanket Pattern for the weekend! It would make a great project to do during the big game! If you'd like to learn more about it you can click here.

Today I just got the nicest email from a gal that had bought the pattern. She said:

"Hello.I just wanted to send you a quick note. This was my first pattern that I ever purchased through Etsy and it has been my favorite! I love this item. And, the people I give it to love it too! Thank you so much!!!"

I usually sell it on Etsy for $6, but until Sunday night it will only be $4! You can click here to find it in my Etsy shop.

#2 Super Treat: "No Marshmellow" Rice Krispie Treats

Get ready! This one is SUPER easy, SUPER yummy, & would be great cut out as little footballs for treats during the SUPER bowl!

Warning: Do not read this section if you are trying to lose weight. Believe me, you can't stop with one!!

Watching Super Bowl really doesn't do much for me. I can't sit anywhere that long & I don't even know who is playing this year, but I do LOVE all the good eats that go along with the game!!

Recently I've been thinking about these great treats my mom used make all of the time & I LOVED them. I think they'd make a great addition to the Super Bowl spread...

They are called different things, but most people may know them at Scotcharoo's. Since I don't like butterscotch I just use chocolate chips melted and I LOVE them. But enough talk...

You'll need:
1 c karo syrup
1 c peanut butter
1 c sugar
6 cups of rice krispies cereal
1/2-1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 butterscotch chips {I don't use them, but alot of people like them!}

In a medium pan mix sugar and karo syrup until it starts to bubble. Remove from heat and add peanut butter... { I know, you can already tell how yummy this will be!}

Pour mixture over the cereal...

And mix it all up!

Pour into a well buttered 9X13 baking dish and pack it down...

While the rice krispies cool, melt the chocolate chips {and butterscotch if you're using them} and pour over the bars...
{I just melted my cc in a microwavable bowl on high stirring every 20-30 seconds}

Mmmm...looking good!

Now, the hardest part...waiting for everything to cool. Don't worry, you can always kill time by playing with your reflection while you wait!

Once those bad boys are cool you can cut them up and eat them! If you'd like to be a little "creative" you can grab a cookie cutter and butter it up...

Use the cutter to make an outline of your treat -- or cut all the way through if your cutter is thick enough. {I apologize that the next few pictures are blurry! Its one of my pet peeves!:)}

Then just cut through the bars following the outline of the heart...or whatever shape you want to make! Little footballs would be fun!!

And you've done it! Mmmm.

#3 Super winners: Anita, The Harris Family, busymama, Sweet Mommy Dreams, Alicia, Rachel H, McNett Family, Jenn, Chasey and Cash, & Courtney!!

Thanks to so many of you who left such nice comments on my last post. It made my day. It also made me want to make Valentines for all of you!! I know, I'm crazy--but I really do appreciate your kind words!

So, the 10 of you who left a comment on my last post {about the "drop off" and the vday drawing} this is all you need to do...

1. Email me at toadstreasures@gmail.com and let me know which option you'd like {see options here} and attach a jpg picture that you'd like to have in your valentine.

2. Be sure to include what you'd like your "signature" to be...for example: Love, The Smith's

3. I'll try to email your vday card back to you ASAP so you can start making prints or emailing them to the lucky people you love!

Congrats everyone!
#4 Super Sewing Craft! Look out Pottery Barn! Coming soon will be some sweet owl dolls I've been working on!
This is one I just made for my little sister's birthday!{And here's a shout out for both of my sisters who just celebrated birthdays! Happy Birthday Stoophie and Margethai!! Love ya's!}

Hopefully a few of these fun things can help you have a SUPER weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


Courtney said...

WOW! You just made my day! I am so excited!!!!

busymama said...

Woo-Hoo!!! So excited to get one of your cute designs!! Love your carseat pattern too, I might have to try that!! Thanks again - you are the bomb!!

Anita said...

I'm excited, too! I'm going to pretty the kids up tomorrow and make them take a new picture for it :)

And I remember your Rice Krispie treats - they were AWESOME and still one of my favorite treats!

Matt 'n Erin said...

Yum! I am hungry now.

I LOVE THAT OWL!!! So cute!

Janette said...

I love it! You have such a creative mind. Btw I am SO trying those rice krispies. Yum!

Janette said...

Oh and I love love the owl. Very cute!

Crystal said...

I love the owls! Also thanks for the card-I love mine.

aunt choody said...

LOVE the carseat blanket!!! It is perfect.

Unknown said...

this is soo adorable!!!

Lilly said...

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come to visit me :)) Bye bye Lilly Palmas

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