"...hug your babies a little tighter..."

Today was one of those days that puts so many things back into perspective.

As I was driving tonight I heard on the radio about these sisters {who were 4 and 15 months} who passed away from some pesticides used for rodents. {I know, I'm out of it when it comes to the news.} It put a pit in my stomach, so when I got home I "googgled" the story and came across another story involving a toddler about Aidan's age.

This story really hit home because it could have easily happened to so many moms...including me. Evidently the mom left 2 boys in the tub and went to put away some laundry...and when she came back the 16 month old was lifeless. I don't want to say anymore, because she tells the story the best in her own words on her blog. If you decide to read it, you'd better grab some tissues first and then scroll down to read the Feb 1, 2010 post to get the whole story.

{The picture above was taken from her blog.}

At the end of the post this is what she said:

"For now, please hug your babies a little tighter...
Give your children a little extra squeeze...

Be a little more patient and diligent
and a little less distracted by the things that will wait until later.
Embrace the things that matter most!

Life is so fragile...

We are holding onto it for now."

I thought about my last post and how Aidan's toddler phase is so challenging for me. I decided that I HAD to post about how grateful I am about having happy, healthy boys. I love them more than words can say. More than I ever knew I could. More than I ever thought I would.

I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for trusting Bob & I with them...

I only pray that I will never take a moment of this great time for granted. And let's all go hug our loved ones!


the thrifty ba said...

wheni saw that story (and who in utah hasnt), i just couldnt imagine living with one of my kids. my preayers have been with that family since the whole thing showed up on the news.
and yes-i hugged my boys a little tighter. then my 6 yr old told me it squeezed a toot out.

Bird said...

Gorgeous little tots!!

I have a couple myself, and can totally relate..

I am squeezing tighter ;)

Janette said...

Thanks for the post. I feel so sad for that mom and hope we can all learn from her mistake. Something you said "I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for trusting Bob & I with them..." really hit me this morning. Thanks Emily!

henline crew said...

That was an awesome post. It's so true. I always try to keep things in perspective, especially when I am at the children's hospital with my baby who just had surgery and is sleeping away with an IV in her tiny foot. I am so grateful that her problem is only cosmetic and not life threatening and what a gift that is and I try to remember every day to be feel blessed that she is there so I can hug her whenever I want. It is amazing what children can bring to our lives.

Siri said...

My eyes filled with tears, too, when I heard this story. My heart breaks for their family. I can't even imagine. Yet they seem so composed and forgiving and full of faith. What an inspiration! I don't know that I would handle myself so gracefully in the same position. I am praying for them.

Hernandez Family said...

I read the story a few days ago and still think about it often. I could barely get through the story. My kids are my reason for living. I am so grateful that I am able to be their mom!

Tanya said...

couldn't read the story. tried but knew i wouldn't be able to handle it. i will be hugging my kids a little tighter for sure though just at the thought of it.

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