High 5's and Legoland

I LOVE traveling. Before the kids came I would get on an airplane every chance I could! Its SO much more work to get anywhere now, but its SO much fun to have traveling experiences with these boys!!

{Sidebar: Looks like I'll have the owl and pattern giveaway when I get back. Sorry if it kills you with anticipation.:)}

It was only on the way to the airport that we realized that we only had ONE binkie and forgot the portacrib. We'll see how that plays out!

I love airports. The smells, the people, the excitement of traveling somewhere! After so many flights with kid(s) I've got my little system to help things run smoothly...the stroller always goes on 1st so I can pull it off and stick the kid/kids in it--then the slip on shoes--and finally all of the bags.

Aidan was my biggest worry. At 18 months he has his own agenda...giving high 5's to random people sitting in the airport, trying to take a lady's carry on, & pulling his own little Diego rolling backpack to the front of the line...oh boy.

I'll post more about our trip later {lucky you!}, but I HAD to post some pictures of today's adventure. I {Heart} Legoland. Seriously. No crowds, FUN for toddlers, and great rides for 5 year olds. I feel like we've been missing out on one of the best places ever!! But instead of my rambling about it, here are some pictures that will give you a better idea...


Melissa said...

isn't Legoland perfect for little ones? I live 2 towns over and JUST took my kids there over Thanksgiving for the FIRST time ever! I don't know what I was thinking! I didn't realize how cool that place was!

I'm going at the end of March and while I'm there I will buying a season pass for us. They are opening a big waterpark there this summer too.

Looks like you had fun!

Dawn said...

Love it! I gotta go there. Kyler would enjoy that. Looks like you guys had a great time.

metal mama said...

that's so awesome!
i thought legoland would be more for older kids.
cant wait to read more about your adventure :D :D

Anonymous said...

They are going to put a LegoLand in in FL and I can hardly wait! I am going to need to get those Buzz and Woody Lego guys though Pronto!

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