Agent "P", Perry the Platypus Costume

I have to admit--Halloween has never been something I looked forward to. I've always hated dressing up {even for prom} & I HATE being scared. But look at me now! Kids change our lives in so many ways...And now I love to see kids get all dressed up! {And I also look forward to getting a share of the candy!:)}

Perry the Platypus aka "Agent P" was the choice of costume for the 5 year old in our home. If you haven't heard of Phineas and Ferb you'll have no idea what I'm talking about. But if those catchy jingles and funny one liners are frequent visitors in your home, you'll appreciate this one!

So where do you find a Perry costume? When "Googling" isn't much help {hence the low res pict of Perry above}, you know you're in trouble! After searching the web I actually found a costume on Etsy that someone made last year. It served as inspiration & I pulled out that blessed sewing machine!

{Sidebar: Now I feel like a "real" mom. Last Thursday after an exhausting day of moving & with the boys finally in bed, I sat at my machine creating this costume. As my eyes started to burn from fatigue I thought about my mom. How many times had she been at the sewing machine until the wee hours of the morning making whatever it was we needed? I get it it now.}

Ethan's school hosted a Halloween Carnvial that was so much fun. Most of these pictures were taken during the carnival including the one below. This is Ethan's 1st performance: The Monster Mash. He took a little drama class after school once a week and his cute preschool teacher "Miss Erin" was also the drama teacher. {For the locals--She's also Audrey in "Little Shop" at the Empress until Nov 16}:)

"Pirate" Aidan & Bob didn't have quite as much fun at the carnival as Ethan & I did. While Ethan and I were watching magicians and making "tombstone" snacks, Bob was chasing Aidan all over the place...
{thanks honey!}

Aidan also tried to join the drama class...

The night before Ethan's big carnival we got into the Halloween spirit by meeting some real witches!! We {Ethan & I} decided that the pretty witches are good & the ugly witches are bad. {That way all of them weren't so scary!:)}

We hope you all had a fun Halloween!
Now that we are getting "settled in" I'm excited to enjoy the upcoming holidays! This also includes sharing some fun recipes, kids activities, & other fun projects!


Kim and Corey Nasfell said...

Hi Emily,

I got a message from you on my blog a few weeks saying that I had won one of your awesome epatterns for the carseat blanket. I wrote you an email right away but haven't heard anything else about how to get my pattern (maybe it went into my junk box or I might have gotten your email address wrong...I just tried sending this through your email address but it came back as undeliverable). I had totally forgotten about it until a few minutes ago when I finally went through my inbox to delete the old stuff. I'm super excited to attempt to sew one of those little blankets and even more excited that I actually won something!

ilovejif [at] yahoo [dot] com

p.s. That costume your son is wearing is ADORABLE!!!!

Grandma Bwanna said...

Good for you, "real Mom", for both being a real mom and realizing what your real mom did for you. Nothing opens your eyes to how great your parents are than being one yourself. I love your pictures!

Unknown said...

Hi Kim! Thanks so much for the note!! I just emailed you the pattern...please let me know if you get it!! {My fingers are crossed!:)}

Tanya said...

the costume is way awesome! there is something wonderful about sewin up a last minute costume in the wee hours of the night :o)

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