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I wish we could just hang out at the park for an afternoon and introduce otherselves.  Oh well, maybe one day.  But until then, here's little peak "behind the scenes" of this blog of mine.

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{Toad: The NickName}
I bet you are wondering why in the world anyone would call themselves "Toad"! {I would be!}
Here's the short, but such life changing story...

As a baby, my Gma J said I looked like a little toad swimming in the water when I took a bath...so you guessed...I was nicknamed "EmmyToad".  I guess it could be worse.  Until I started blogging the only people who ever really called me "Toad" were my immediately family, grandpa, and my old friend Josh O'harra. 

So I guess its really not as bad as its sounds.  As long as my 3 brothers aren't calling me "toadsquat" and "toadface" I'm actually likin' it!:)

{My Bio}
I was raised in the Northwest, but now live in Utah. I was the oldest of 6 kids {many of whom you'll read about on my blog} and after serving an LDS mission I graduated from BYU.  

A few years later {although I was only 28 it seemed to take FOREVER} I was set up on a blind date with my husband & since then my life has never been the same!  I loved my career in Recreation Management before I had 2 babies, and now I'm proud to say I am a stay home mom.

I love a good workout, learning about photography, my patient & hardworking husband, my 2 tadpoles, the Cheesecake Factory{Yum}, & the Oregon coast. I hope you enjoy my blog and a few of my "treasures"!

I love taking pictures. I have Nikon D40--the old school kind...I think they call it the D3000 now.  I learn as I go.  You know, the good old fashioned way!

About 2 1/2 years ago I sat reading the instruction manual to the sewing machine I had gotten for Christmas.  I was trying to figure out how to thread the darn thing. 

I couldn't read a pattern or follow most online tutorials to save my life.

So, I just started playing and creating things that I could.  Now I love to create fun little useful things, take a few pictures, and invite everyone else to join me in my fun.  It really is a great outlet for me.  My girlfriends from high school still can't believe I'm sewing. 

And look at me now!:)
Toad's Little Family}

{Toad's Inspiration {coming soon!}

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