{TT #2} In Praise of SAHM

For a while I've been wanting to blog about a book I am reading...its SO great.

Thanks goes again to Tanya for introducing me to Dr. Laura. Everyday that I get a chance to listen to her on the radio (& try to apply what she says) I'm a better mom and person.

Because the decision to give up my career (which I loved) and be a SAHM (stay at home mom) wasn't an easy one, I thrive on reading about the benefits of our (Bob and my) choice. This book has just reaffirmed how important it is for kids to be raised by their moms at home, and had made me even more grateful for the decision we made.

Here's a taste of what you'll get in this book...

-After being interviewed by Katie Couric she (KC) said that working and doing important things is great role modeling for children, and it gives them something about their parents to be proud of.

Dr. Laura's response was, "You don't have kids to have an approving audience. You have kids for their sakes, not your own. Children have very specific emotional and psychological needs, best met by a loving parent, not hired help...I believe a child needs to know that a mother loves him more than she loves a job, career, fame, power, money, prestige, or celebrity...No, our children are not there to be our cheerleaders; we are to be theirs.

-"I have never, and I mean never, in 32 years of radio, had a nanny, full-time babysitter, or day-care center worker ever tell me that after her job experiences she would ever turn her kids over to nannies, day care centers, or babysitters!"

A few other things that Dr. Laura has reminded me of...

-I did not give up my career to just cook, clean, do laundry, and maintain a house. I would have had to do all of that anyway. I'm a home to BE THERE FOR MY KIDS. This has helped me keep my focus where it should be.

-No one will treat my kids better or be more in tune to their needs than me. Not grandparents, friends, nannies, etc. I WANT to be the one to comfort, love, & be there for my kids.

-You can't get moments back, & you have to have a quantity of time to have quality experiences. "Quality time" isn't enough...You can't plan out when your kids will do something new, say something funny, or just need you to be there.

Yesterday as Bob was leaving for work, Aidan tried to say "Bye" for the 1st time. He tried to wave by wiggling his fingers , and said "BAA" at the same time. It was so sweet & I was so happy & grateful to be there to see it. So Kudos to all of you SAHM's!! And I'm so glad, like Dr. Laura, that I AM MY CHILD'S MOM. And if you'd like a good read...here you go!


Carolyn said...

I'm a Dr. Laura fan as well - but the book is great even if you don't agree with all she says. :)

Hernandez Family said...

I am proud to say I am a SAHM! Thanks for the reminder!

Christi said...

Love that quote from Dr. Laura! I've got to read that book.

Anita said...

Making the choice 2 years ago to be a SAHM was the best thing I did, too! It has been the hardest yet also the easiest thing I have ever done. How's that for confusing? Because my oldest was 7 I had to almost re-define what kind of mother I was. It's been a blessing for everyone!

Tanya said...

dr. laura is my hero.

Lindsay said...

Couldn't agree more! I hear Dr. Laura on the radio awhile back, and I thought about reading that book. Sounds good!

Simple Stitches AZ ~ Rachelle S. said...

This is amazing. I have been a SAHM for 16 years now & although finances have always been tight, I would never change this decision for anything. There have been innumberable time when my children have needed me (not a babysitter, not Grandma) but me. I have an amazing relationship with all of my children (I have 6) and I know that this is attributed to me being there for my children & having the time to teach them & be the kind of mom that they need me to be for them.

Just last night my 16 yr old daughter told me that she enjoys spending time with me. That made my heart feel so good. It's times like these that reminds me that through all of the stress, it is all worth it.

I LOVE being a mom, it is absolutely the most rewarding job I could ever have.

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