Toad's Super Easy Triffles

Here's my 1st "Tuesday Treasure"...a fun simple recipe your kids will love (& you will too!!)

There are lots of ways to make triffles, but I like to involve Ethan as much as possible (& he LOVES these). For my recipe I opted for these 3 simple ingredients...sliced berries, angel food cake (or any yellow cake would be good too), and whipped cream.

Have the kids tear up the cake into bite size pieces...

Slice up some berries (blueberries, raspberries, or any berry would be yummy!)
And whipped cream (add vanilla or lemon pudding to the cream if you want...that's yummy too)

Just keep layering the cake, berries, & cream... (Tip: You a clear glass so you can see how great it looks!)

Until you get to the top! I found these great umbrellas 144 for $1.50-You know me, I'm to just enjoy the simple things...and here's one of them. (Ethan loves them too.)
Tah Dah!

I decided to have the kids make these for preschool and look how fun they were!!

Yum Yum!


Hernandez Family said...

I'm making this today!

Tanya said...

i need to make those. this post makes me miss my kids. love you guys.

Lisa said...

Really fun. I don't know how to leave a comment on your graduation one. Did you do joy school on top of Margenes? Really some cute little guys you have. Lets get together in the summer!!

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