Baby Ezra, The Zoo, & Thailand

{Ezra's Blessing}
Traditionally babies born into the LDS faith are given a special Priesthood blessing when they are a few months old. We were lucky to be able to attend little Ezra's special blessing last Sunday, given by my brother Matt.

Here are a few family picts from that day...

{Kathryn & Ezra} Oh so sweet. Today we met these two at IKEA & I couldn't get over the little "Matt" faces Ezra makes.

{Stooph, Cousin Hootie, & Ethan}

{Hootie} Ethan's "Bud"
{Our Little Tree Climber}

{The Peanut Gallery} Aunt Diane, Dad, & Uncle Dave. Enough said.

{Stoophy & Aidan} I'm loving Steph's new hair cut & color!

More Picts from the Week

{Smilie} This kid is ALL over the place these days. He and Ethan love eachother so much. They screech at eachother all day long, play "puppy", and just love to be with another. Ethan is often the 1st one to get to Aidan when we gets up from his naps.

At the Zoo...

{Cousin "Super Zane"} Who isn't fully dressed without a mask & cape?

{Kicking Back} I just can't get enough of those little toes!

{She's Back!} Although Margo is still galavanting around Thailand, Tanya is back! She actually survived missing her kids while spending 10 wild days following Marge around in the outback. Glad she's back safe and sound!

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