95 & Marshmellows

{Friend Me}

Within 10 minutes of arriving to grandpa's 95th birthday bash, his sweet little sister--who clocks in 20 years younger than he is--put a huge smile on this face of mine...

75 year old Sherry: "Hey, is anybody going to post some pictures of the party on facebook?"
Me {a little surprised, but not at all shocked}: "Sure, I can!"
Sherry: "Okay, be sure to "friend me"!"

With this kind of genetics...I knew this would 2 days to remember.

{The Marge}
Headed up by my sister Margo, it was sure to a good time for all...

{Stayed Tuned}
So, you can guess where these next few posts are headed.  Don't worry, I won't show you all 2000+ pictures I took at this family event.  I know,  my rapid fire finger can't help it...especially when only 1 out of every 10 pictures I take is worth looking at. 

And as lame as a "family reunion" sounds, if you don't blog hop to soon I promise it will be worth it--especially if you have any family events to plan for yourself this summer.   These guys know how to have a good time.

Nametags? Yes, on the first day...but no nerdy family tree shirts or boring family history lectures for this crazy clan.

Once this thing got started, the memories couldn't help but begin to be made. 

{Sidebar: To keep you on your toes, I have a little game for you...see if you can pick my brothers out of the group.  In a post or two I'll show you who they are.  Some say we all look alike--I'll let you make the call..;)}

Ethan had the time of his life at this reunion...one of the reasons is because of what this happy little Lu is holding in her hand...

Just roll up your pant legs...

grab your spray paint...

and PVC pipe to make the sweetest marshmellow gun you'll ever see.

Even if you have to wait for your paint to dry, its worth it.  I promise.

Don't be shy.  Get a little help from a friend if you need to...

Then put on your game face...

load that baby...

take a deep breath...

and go for it.

Offense is way better than defense in this game.  And if you're an innocent by-stander there will be no where to hide. 

Especially when young guys like this get a nice shooter in their hands...

And if getting eachother isn't enough.  Leave it to my brothers to make a competition out of it.  {Backyard baseball was supposedly banned by my parents for a while...anyone who's played it with my family could tell you why...;)}

And after fun like this, cleaning up isn't really so bad.  Right?

I have a feeling that Ethan won't be the only one holding on to his gun for a while...

{No Scale}
Next up will be what we stuffed our faces with.  I don't dare step on a scale for at least 2 weeks after this thing.  Pictured below is a fruit dip my cousin Jesica made...it has a candy bar in it.  If you'll be back, I'll share the super easy recipe she gave me.  I already know it by heart.;)

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