Eat a Campfire!

{CWK=Camping With Kids}
Are you one of the brave souls who had taken young ones into the wilderness? It takes a special breed to not only pack up the house to head with the "littles" into the great outdoors, but then to keep them from burning, drowning, or getting lost.  Exhausted yet?:)

I've decided long ago that camping (especially with kids) is not for the faint of heart or those that want a relaxing vacation.  Once I realized that and lowered my expectations camping became a much better experience for our crew...although its still not even close to eating out & hanging out by the hotel pool. 
Camping = work.  

I think I only wanted to pack it up and head back home about 20 times this trip, but don't worry...I'm a tough little Toad...and I stuck it out. (Bob ended up heading back to UT for work and our lively 3 year old was is TRUE "Aidan" form...but more about that in upcoming posts.)  Darn those memories that the kids will always treasure! :)

So much to share, so little time. More pictures & camping ideas will be coming, but couldn't wait show you this fun little activity/treat idea.  

Edible campfires!  Super easy & super fun. 

Here's the lineup:
peanut butter (dirt to keep everything in place)
peanuts (fire ring)
chow mien noodles (kindling)
pretzel sticks (small sticks)
Tootsie Rolls (logs)
candy corn (flame)

And off you go!  Just layer the team members listed above & enjoy! (We sure did!)

{More to Come}
And don't think you can just run and hide in the forest with hearing more about this wild ride! More about our 5 day adventure on Mt. Hood will be coming.

And it will include fish catching, 

paper bag journals & pen making,

treasure finding, 


and more Toad-tales. :)

See you soon!

A forest lovin' Toad

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