The Skim Board: Must Try

{Oregon Coast Fun}
If you live near any super shallow water chances are you've already seen these fun water toys!  While we were in Pacific City for my moms birthday hike we spent some time on the beach enjoying the Skim Boards!  They function somewhat like a surfboard, but they are short, stubby, and you throw them across a line layer of water with fun results!  (Note: Not a great activity to do if you are really out of shape or have a bad back.;)

Case in point...

Even our Chinese teacher and fun friend couldn't keep her eyes off these fun boards!

{Other Activities}
Dunes of sand are also fun in Pacific City! You can run down or slide down on any sort of slick board. And we didn't miss a moment with my dad filming or taking pictures!

And what's that hanging from his camera strap?  Ah, yes!  A Camera Coats! So handy!:) 

If you live any distance from a niece or nephew you know that smiles don't always come quickly...

but don't worry...this Toad has mad Aunt skills. Look at this smile! Nyree is my brother Peter and his wife Mary's cute gal.  Sweet thing.

{Magic Tricks}
And birthday couldn't be a birthday without a good magic show via my wizard of a father. 

A crowd pleaser everytime.

{Pool Time}
And after Pacific City we headed back to Hillsboro (OR) to enjoy one last swim in my brother Travis' & his wife Tanya's pool before they moved.

And I think I may have found my new Camera Coats model.  Watch out.

And I'll end the post with this happy picture.

We are heading to Oregon in a few weeks so check back for my annual FUN SUMMER series!

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Unknown said...

I enjoyed watching your photos! Your kids look adorable. Skimboarding is really nice because you get to glide across shallow water to the shore — the thing that makes skim boarding different from surfing and which I think safe most specially for your kids! I hope you had a great time with your mom.

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