Top 5 Reasons Why

Ah, to be a mother.  Whether you have your own kids or if you've wiped a kids nose in the last day...there is nothing like loving and nurturing little ones. 

Today I would like to share my current top 5 reasons I love being a mom.  

Being a mom makes me always on my "A" game. I never know when a pirate or a swordsman will sneak up on me!

It doesn't matter what I wear...or what they wear...we still love each other. :)

There is never a dull moment...unless the kids are sleeping.:)

I get to learn patience...whether I want to or not.

I never knew I could love little people so much.  My heart has been opened in ways I never knew...and I'll never be the same because it.

And you know last minute.  And I'll be sharing some last minute Mother's Day ideas tomorrow on Fresh Living Ch 2 in SLC as well as on the blog.  See you soon!

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