May Flower Power Picts

Wondering what to do with those awesome pictures of May flowers that you've taken? Here you go!

#1 Give them away!
Shopping for my mother-in-law can be tricky, so last year I thought I'd do something a little bit different.  She is an avid gardening woman & spends hours in her yard with her plants.  When these tulips came up last year I snapped a snot, stuck it in a little dollar store frame, wrapped it with a ribbon, and gave it to her on Mother's Day.  

She's still talking about it.  

Mother's Day may be past, but maybe a birthday is coming...? ;)

#2  Make a Book!

Paper Coterie is one of my favorite paper product places...and they did not pay me to say that! :) Making a journal, planner, or notebook are super easy & cute.  Putting a flower collage onto the cover of journal would be a great way to save the pictures!


#3 Share 'Em!

Show us your "flower power" pictures here!  Feel free to link up to our flower party to inspire others with your awesome photos!

Happy linking!


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