The Marge in Africa

Marge, The Marge, Margie, MargeThai...all refer to one lovely younger sister: Margo.  My sassy, single sister who is always up to something great.  

She is currently teachingat a middle school & I'm sure that her students love her.   She just sent me this picture...they made those fun flowers  (from this post)  in class last week! 

Unfortunately for her students, I think her teaching days may be coming to end sooner than later. Marge is graduation with her MBA his summer! Go Margo!

{Off to Africa}
With a degree in Linguistics, she speaks fluent Thai & you can usually find her in Asia sometime during the year.  (She gives tours if your interested.) But in a few weeks she'll be heading to Africa!  

But she's not just going for the scenery!  She's going to do a little good while she's there.

Heather (pictured below) is a friend who lived over there for 4 years and helped develop a school.  (So awesome.)  Marge will be going with Heather and taking a bunch of stuff to the kids.  They will also be taking them on a field trip if they can raise the funds.

If you're interested in helping them out please go to Margo's blog for all of the details! I know any donations will be much appreciated and put to good use!

Good luck and love you Marge!
Love, Toady


Margethai Adventures: Finding Beauty at Home and Abroad said...

Thanks Toad! Love you guys! I think I'll be in town this weekend too!

Anonymous said...

Wow, lucky lady! Hope you have fun!

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