Big Can Bouquet!

{Flower Ville}
Do you think its a coincidence that Mother's Day is in May when flowers are in full bloom?  I'm thinking that whoever makes the calendar may have had Mother's in mind when he picked the month!

If you're in a area that fresh flowers are hard to come by, here's a simple solution for that lady you love so much...a Big Can Bouquet of tissue paper flowers!   

Aren't they pretty?!

{Queen Bee}
Last weekend I decorated my little Camera Coat booth for the Queen Bee Market.  Only a few things ever turn out how I imagined, and this is not one of them.  I wrapped up these cans in fabric and then I was going to glue flowers to the to of the lids.  Never happened.  I totally ran out of time.

So the cans sat by themselves on the shelves...which was cute, but not THAT cute.

It wasn't until I got home that I realized how cute these flowers would be IN the cans...but hey, now we know! ;)

{Can Mania}
You may remember these little guys from last year.   I can't get enough of these cute cans and have them all of over my house.

As you can see, this year we upgraded to the Big cans.  Coffee cans will work for this one as well as those food storage cans you have stashed away.  {You could actually do this with the food still in them and they'd be super cute in your cabinet or on your counter!}

You just wrap them up!  

I measured the length and width and then cut the fabric to fit around the can...leaving the edges to overlap a bit.  I used hot glue to stick it on the can {since I have no patience}, but I'm sure Modge Podge or any type of glue would work.

NOTE: Keep in mind you can use these cans for much more than a table centerpiece!!  I have one in my bathroom that hold my brushes and straightener, they'd be awesome with large utensils, or you could even storage things like cotton balls in them!

Now for the flowers. Tissue paper can be found all over the place and you can cut the edges to make the flowers.  {I have another DIY post on how to make these.}  But I got lucky and found these great packaged of tissue paper that were pre-cut around the edges.  This Toad is always looking to speed things up and this saved a step.

Isn't it pretty?

Once you've made your flowers you just stick them in the cans!

So simple & pretty.  

More Mother's Day ideas coming! 
Love ya Mothers!

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