Heartie Treat & Printable

{Lovely Treat}
For an afterschool snack, I asked Ethan's little friend if she'd like a cookie. She said she didn't....until she saw these!  I mean really, who could refuse a heart sugar cookie on a stick?  {Well, actually what kid refuses a cookie? She must of been trying to be polite...sweet gal.;)}

They aren't as perfect as Bakerellas cake pops, but they were just right for our little crew.  And it was magical how fast they disappeared!

But before we talk about any more about cookies I want to give this to you...

{Print it up Baby}
I know, isn't it a cute one?

I didn't really have one specific use in mind when I made them, but just started adding cute stuff I thought I'd use.  I figured they come in handy when I needed to make a little valentine something or other...

Click here to print this sheet of love!:)

And now back to those lovely cookies...

{Bakin' Boy}
Just a simple stick.  My boys can't get enough of them, and I'm not even talking about sword fighting.  Making these treats isn't rocket science, but I thought you'd like a behind the scenes...just for fun.;) 

So let's get to it!  Grab your favorite apron, the best sugar cookie recipe you have, and a good size heart shaped cookie cutter.

Now for what may just be the hardest part of this little project...finding some skewers.  Since its probably been a while since your last BBQ so be sure to check all the way back of your cupboards.  {Or maybe even that drawer you throw everything into...:)}

Make your cookies just a little chubbier than you usually would and squiggle {yes, I'm pretty sure that's an official cooking term;)} the end of the skewer into the cookie.  {I cut off my skewers to about 5", but if you like 'em long stemmed, go for it!}

{The Fixin's}
Cream cheese frosting is always my 1st choice on any baked good, but royal icing just sets so nicely... and you can use plastic wrap to keep it pretty.  This one is your call, but either way be ready for the little hands around your house to take action!  {PS If you need a good royal icing recipe I used this one and it was great.}

Those red sprinkles left over from Christmas will work perfectly...

{ah kids...nothing like eating pure sugar?}  

on the cookies!;)

And there you have it.  The makings of a great winter afternoon.:)

{Just Because}
I wanted to add this picture somewhere in the post, but it didn't really fit.  So here it is...just because I like it.;)



metal mama said...

those cookies look tastey!! :)

Two Shades of Pink said...

Love all these Valentine ideas! I am particularly smitten with your printable! So sweet! And those cookies look awesome!

belle007 said...

Thanks so much for the printable. Looks like the cookies are fun to make and to eat!

Tanya said...

when i am better i want to try these.

Kellie said...

Thank you! :)

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