Being There

"My Muda"

Great mom & super grandma.

{My Grandma} 
She is so great.  If you met her you'd be sure to love her like I do.

{The Makings}
And me?  Well, here are the 2 life changing reasons I am a mom...and I love them.

All roses? Easy Peezy? Nope. 

Worth every minute?  Yep.

There are always dishes in my sink and there is always laundry waiting...but my boys will only be little once.  I'm not going to miss a minute.

{Wish Granted!}
Remember in my last post when I said I was hoping for a heart felt note?  Got it.

Love it.

I don't know if I could love this silly, sweet, super fun 6 1/2 year old more.  I ask myself everyday how I got so lucky.

And who woudn't love him when he writes things like this...

or especially this...

or says "You're the best mom in the whole world." 

Love it.  Love him.

{Little things}
For me, its those tender moments that just fill up my heart.   I think one day I might actually burst.

It's those little arms around my neck {or leg;)}, that unexpected hug or kiss on my cheek, that sweet little hand touching my hair in the morning to wake me up, and that sweet toddler voice yelling "ma" just to make sure I'm there. 

It's the playing around my feet in when I'm in the kitchen and watching the excitement of getting a favorite afterschool snack.

Kids need so little to be happy.  We think they need so much, but all they really need is for us to be right there in the moment with them. 

I always want to be there.  Always.

Ah, I love the heartfelt belly laughs and non-stop wrestling, lego building, & light saber duels. 

Well, most of the time.

This pretty much sums it up:

One day on the way home from school Ethan and I were chatting and he told me something that actually really helped me understand my real role as a mother.  

"Mom, when I feel sad I think of you and Dad and Aidan and how much you love me."

That's it.  Love. 

And I hope he never forgets it.  Darn this crazy world.  I'd better shop now before I need a box of tissues.

Happy Mother's Day.

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deonthemom said...

I'm just going to take all your words, and and put in my own pictures because that was the most touching post I've ever read! Thanks for that!~

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