Ashby Overload

{Keepin' It Real}
Sometimes people ask me, "Why don't you get some sponsors for your blog?" 

And I say,
"For now... I don't want to be obligated to blog...I don't want to have to blog about certain topics...I don't want to post a silly little useless project because I feel pressure to keep people happy... I want to have the freedom to be creative and do whatever I want without having to worry or answer to anyone."   This is my creative, fun, family outlet.

Now that's a mouthful. 

I know most people separate their personal blogs from their "creative" blogs, but since I can barely keep up with this little blog what you see is what you get.;)  Yet another reason I don't have advertisers...I need to be able to have personal posts like this. 

No, I don't really worry about stalkers or weirdo's seeing our family.  My husband is a computer guy by trade and he tells me that if people want to find info they can get anything on anyone...and the blogging world is so saturated online that the odds are really low that something would happen.  So, lucky you!:)

Now, with all of this being said...get ready from some Ashby overload these next few posts.  You know how camera crazy I am.  Professional?  Nope.  Wild momagrapher. Yes.:)

So with no further ado, here's to playing picture catchup with May's adventures!

{California Love}

I think the my passion for the CA coast {or any coast really} is something I can't really explain. Maybe its because Toad's love water {:)} or maybe I'm like most people and love the beach, but I just can't get enough.  My Dad grew up in Southern Cal so it must just run through my veins.  And its definitely been passed onto the boys...

That's what I get for trying to "pose" a picture of Ethan.  A mini Peter-Pan...

This kid couldn't have been in better spirits than at the beach.    He is a man of the wild.  The daily aggression and frustration that comes from not being able to communicate clearly takes its toll...on both of us.   {He's about 6-9 months behind in his verbal skills. Another story for another day...but his speech therapist has helped immensely}

The other day I was saying goodbye to Ethan as we sent in off to school and in return he plainly said, "Have fun with Aidan yelling at you all day!"

Running, throwing rocks, digging, running, sliding, wading, running...without restriction...yes, this was his element.

{Little Things}
Yes, I drink it...but not everyday...anymore.;)  We all know that its not good for us.  This was a special little "trip treat"...and if you like the DC you can appreciate this...

Ever wonder how I tweek my pictures?  They are these great little things called "Actions".  The Pioneer Woman does a great job explain them.  I use Photoshop Elements and I love it.

{Our Luke}
Ethan asked me to take this one.  Evidently he is posing as Luke.  I guess in the movie he stands like this when he was watches his 2 moons set.   :)



Jenn said...

Your boys are adorable:)

Anita said...

The CA coast looks beautiful! I can't wait to get there one day. SC coast isn't bad, either, but now I'm landlocked in Oklahoma and missing them all!

And I love the comments on why you don't bother hiding personal info on your blog. Makes me wanna say "See? I told you I wasn't crazy!"

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