Delay of Game

Strep. Throat. Stinks.  Alot.  And it has totally kicked my trash.  It was my 1st time ever having it & hopefully the last.  Whoever named it "strep throat" didn't do it justice.  It should have been called "a terrible flu-like bacteria that makes you think you are going to die and you probably would if it wasn't for antibiotics."

Maybe that's a bit long.

I had no idea what a crappy, crappy sickness it really was! Darn it.

So as not to sound like a total complainer, I have learned a few things during my misery!  I'm still not 100%, so bare with me here people...

-When I'm healthy again, I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. EVERY MINUTE.  That even includes jogging in cold weather and drinking less diet coke. {gasp}

-Kids really do need their moms to love, cuddle, and kiss them.   And to get them on the bus.

-Ralph can not only karate-kick, but dance.  And that quiet confidene, those big brown eyes, and boyish charm sure haven't been lost over the past few years!:)    Oh, and I've also discovered "Bones" while stuck on the couch. Not bad.

- I'm sorry to all of you pregnant women...namely Tanya...who suffer from HG.  I've had a flash back to life being pregnant and it wasn't pretty.  You go girls.

Just wanted you all to know that I haven't been avoiding you.  When I'm up to it I'll totally get that chick tutorial posted.  I promise.

I also have some other fun things I'm excited to share with you...

Just know it won't be tomorrow night...
I've got some Cougars to root for! 

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deonthemom said...

Emily, I just gotta let you know that I made your chicks with my daughter and her friend. They turned out so cute, and the girls loved picking out the wings and doing a little bit of sewing and stuffing. Thanks for the marvelous idea!

Jill said...

I couldn't resist the opportunity to say "GO COUGS!" Glad you are on the mend. Antibiotics are wonderful things. Hopefully you can enjoy the game tonight. We'll be rooting for Jimmer and the Fredettes at our house. :)
Oh, and so sorry about the strep throat. I had it last year and it was AWFUL.

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