I Heart Face: Best Face Photo from February 2011

{Couldn't Resist}
I just had to throw this picture into this week's photo challenge at I {Heart} Faces.  There is something about a this little guy's contagious giggle that keep me coming back for more.  I'd push him all day on a swing just to hear it...even if I wasn't his mom.;)

If you have a few minutes to kill I {Heart} Faces always a fun & inspiring place to visit!  {You can even cast a vote this week! But good luck picking your favorite out of all the great photos!!}



Sarah said...

SO SO cute!!

Sarah via I heart faces too! =)

Taleah said...

What a charming smile! Thanks for sharing! (I spend WAY more than a few moments looking at photos!)

Amanda said...

what a cutie! love it!!

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