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{Little things}
When you grow up with 5 younger siblings the smallest things mean so much.  The "Happy Birthday" sign {made out paper taped together and written with crayons}, mom's german chocolate cake {mmmmm}, and $5 gifts on Christmas Eve were sure fire crowd pleasers around our place.

Now with the family growing through marriage, kids, and distance, our "new" family thing is to take turns buying for a sibling and their family {if they have one}.  This year it's our turn to get presents for my brother Peter's family.  So close your eyes Mary {but start watching your mail} and mum's the word for the rest of you!:)

Last year we had Travis and Tanya & I put together a super simple 12 days of Christmas.  We just wrapped up a few little things...Trey and Lucy got to open one each day.  From what I hear it was a hit.

*Greyson, this is your year buddy.  You may only be 2 1/2, but I think you'll appreciate this countdown until Christmas.

And since its only the 11th you can still run and hit the dollar isle!  Your kids/grandkids/cousins/neighbors/whoever will love your forever.  Really. 

Click here for the countdown tags.

Oh, and since I made these to you go!

Click here for the Merry Christmas gift tags.

{Small Things}
And speaking of little things making a difference.  I {heart} double-sided tape.  Where have you been all my life?  It makes my tags look like stickers and it works so well. 

Do they make toddler size?  I could use some of it on our pews at church on Sunday.

Now those of you with a little fabric just sitting around.  Grab it.  Use it. I just ripeed some into strips and wrapped this box right up.

Yes, my new favorite gift accessory...

There's something about a brown paper package with a touch of fabric.  Love it.

{Little Loves}
Just a few sweet finds. 

#1 How cute is this artwork.  Just found this gal on Etsy and I super love all of her little drawings/pictures.  What a fun little gift idea!  The shop: Cinnamonink.

#2  Hot Chocolate maker.  Best gift I ever gave myself for Christmas.  Its been a wonderful year getting to know this one...I'd highly recommend it.

#3  {Below} Keep out that fabric stash.  How cute is this headband? The blog:  MaryJanes and Galoshes.  Looks like an easy tutorial...can't wait to try it.

#4 Bean Bag Chair.  Last year's big sewing project.  It was a hit.  You can a bag of insides for $13 now!

Just a little concerned about this.  I thought I'd get your opinion.  Should I really buy these wii lightsabers?  Will my boys/husband start look like this?  Oh dear.

{More tags}
And if you missed my last post and don't have enough tags already...

Click here for these fun ones!
Have "peekers"?  Try these tags!

Click here to print these tags!

{My littles}
I'm loving' my little ones.  I'd highly recommend for you to just drop all of your business and go spend some time with a little person too.;)

Catchya later.;) 


Heather said...

How did I know you would have just what I was looking for. I LOVE the gift tags, you saved me a lot of searching around! It was good to talk to ya, hopefully I am not home bound for to much longer!!!

CynR said...

Thank you very much!! Love all of these. That is a wonderful pic too!!

lanni @ said...

these are so cute! thank you so much for the tags -- i am printing them out right now :)


Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Gorgeous tags! Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for all the work in making them available to all!
Merry Christmas!

ificould said...

Thanks so much for sharing these tags - adorable!!! I posted a link:


Jennifer Clark of CakeGifts said...

Thanks for the great read and free printables - I love them!

Sara-Bear said...

Your round gift tags work PERFECTLY for jar gifts!

I gave you props!

Christine Rojas-Laviña said...

I love the anti-peeker tags! I'll print them on sticker paper and add them to presents! Thanks so much for sharing!

I also blogged about your amazing freebies here -


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