Oh What Fun!

'Twas days before Christmas with the kids out of school,
Ethan really, really wanted to do something cool!

Invitations were made and given with glee,
For the best Christmas party and cutest kids you ever did see!

Since he wanted his party to be loads of fun,
Ethan picked each activity with the Limbo being #1!

Games were a big hit with this little crew,
The tickling and laughing was another favorite too.

Filling Santa's sack was Ethan's great plan,
So we blindedfold each kid with a gift in their hand!

Sugar cookies were frosted and decorated with care,
And they soon disappeared right into thin air!

Little gift bags were lovingly given to all...

But the gift exchange is when they really had a ball!

When the party sadly came to an end,
They really showed how much they loved being friends...

When goodbye's were over Ethan was sad,
But was grateful for friends and the fun party he had!

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