We were all ripped off

{Ripped Off}

If you're reading this post, then you are probably over 5 years old.

And if you're over 5 you probably don't remember a world without the internet, craft blogs, $1 "craft kits" at the local craft store, or totally cool kids craft books at the library.

Yeah, if you were born before 2004 you were pretty much ripped off.  I mean really.  While we spent our summers as kids trying to make bubbles out of dish soap, beg our parents for a Snoopy Snow Cone machine, or make slippin' slides out of black tarp OUR kids have FUN at the tips of their little fingers.
{The House of Books}
I randomly grabbed a few "crafty" books at the library the other day to help keep Ethan {5} entertained in the afternoons while Aidan {1} takes his naps. I figured this would be "our" time, and wanted to make it fun for both of us.

Today Ethan looked through one of the books...

and this is what he wanted to make:

We actually had all of the ingredients {a summer afternoon miracle} & he felt like a little scientist bossing me around the kitchen to collect them all.

It was not only fun to make, but who doesn't enjoy a good vinegar + baking soda reaction?

Oooh, and look at the fun colors you can create!

Ethan opted for the paint brush over using his fingers...which I couldn't complain about!

Just one warning though.  Kids are like the ocean, you can never turn your back on them.  Looks like we'll have to pick up some food coloring next trip to the store!

{Craft #2}
After the painting was over, Ethan wasn't done being crafty.  Here was his next project:

And when he sets his mind to something, there's no turning back.

And how cute is this new little addition to our family.  {Too bad making babies isn't this easy...or ooops...I mean having babies.;)}

{Coming Soon}
And Ethan's not the only one who's been "crafting"! Here's a peek at just a few projects I'll be posting about soon!

You are all winners in my book. ;) However random.org can only choose one to get the headband.  The lucky winner is the Rafahi Family! Send me your address and I'll stick that cute band in the mail for ya! toadstreasures@gmail.com



Anonymous said...

It's so true! My mom still likes to tell me stories of how she use to "sand blast" her jeans with rocks at the river...or made the most fun from sticks in the backyard. Kids have it pretty great today! ~Sam

chris said...

So fun to see your kiddo having fun being creative. Is there a chance you might post the recipe for the paint?

Emily said...

Oh you are so funny! My fondest memories as a child were going to the craft store with my mom and finding some fun new creative endeavor!! :) Looks like you guys had a blast with the craft books, might have to pick some up tomorrow at our weekly library visit!

Gretchen said...

Agreed! I want a do-over!!! Bill Cosby's "Picture Pages" and the odd craft segment for kids on "The Home Show" just didn't do it...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow! I actually won something? Really? lol
I love the crafts that you were doing with your son. So cute, I am hoping to get in some paint time with my little guy. (he is 4)

Anonymous said...
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