Coming Soon to a pool near you...

{To Infinity&Beyond!}

June 18th can not come any sooner in our home.

We can hardly wait for the 3rd Toy Story movie to come out.

And while we are waiting we'll be killing time in the water as often as the weather will allow. 

And while we hang out I'll be getting my refill of Diet Coke and the boys will enjoy their cups of the awesome "sonic" style ice. {Best idea I've had for a long time. Its much better then dirty little hands reaching into my drink!}

I'm not one to usually toot my own horn, but getting these towels was another great idea.  I love them. Thank-you Walmart. $10.  {FYI: If you get them you might want to sewed up the sides so they wouldn't fly in the wind.  It also helps to keep the kids warm.}

Sidebar: I think a true Woody would have a few of these cute little freckles on his nose.  Although I'm not sure if he would really make this face...

And I'm not the only one who thinks these towels are so cool. This cute little guy just had to tell Ethan how much he liked his towel.

I just can't get enough:

{More "tooting"}
Well, since I'm in the mood to "toot my own horn" I'll share just a few more things I've found...

Honest Kids Juice: Costco baby.  Organic. Low sugar. Yummy.

Coconut Milk: You're smoothies will never be the same.  The original is great too.  I've found it at Harmon's and Smith's.

And we'll see you at the theater {maybe in our towels} June 15th!


Keli said...

such cute pictures! and I am soo excited for Toy Story 3. I think more then my son!

Emily said...

Yes! The boys should definitely where their towels to the movie! It's like when my 3 year old declares it's princess day and then she and my baby (19months) wear their tutus everywhere we go! Too fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I do not know if I should be happy or sad that my kids are not the only ones counting down the months until Toy Story 3 comes out. lol My daughter especially, who is 12, has been waiting since late last year!!! I am sure we will be doing the same thing that day. (And I just received my Fandango email reminder to purchase advance tickets.)

Katy said...

Hey Em,
Fun looking through your blog! You have some great usual. So, we are taking a family road trip at the end of the month to Seaside Oregon. I read about "Mo's" below and was wondering if you have any other "must see" or "must try" things for us. Heather said you stayed at a fun place in Boise on the way up?? When you get a chance, give me some ideas. Thanks!

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