Simple Abundance

Lately I've been on a quest to enjoy the simple things of life. So when I'm folding clothes or on a jog (anytime when my thoughts can actually be my own) I tend to get inspired.

After I had Ethan I had some pretty serious postpardum depression. Adjusting to homelife with a sweet but colicly baby, giving up my career, and being out of shape took its toll on my mentally and physically. Fortunately my Aunt Diane (thanks again!) came to my rescue and recommened this great book. Its really helped me to step back and enjoy life one day at a time.

One of the things that the book emphasizes is to be your "authentic self". You know, the "true you" that was so easy to recognize as a child before all of the "outside" voices started to affect us so much. Lately I've had a myriad of inspirations, ideas, projects, to-do lists, beware. These next few weeks I may be a blogging maniac.

Thought #1: Happy Memories...If you don't take time to remember, then you may lose some of the sweetest memories of your life.

It was a sunny but cool day last week that brought me back about 20 years. I was on a jog & a neighbor had just mowed their lawn. The diagonal cut and "grassy" smell reminded me of my high school softball days. During May we would often have days of double headers to make up for all of games that got rained out...a frequent occurence during Oregon springs. On these game days the coaches and their assists would be out mowing and raking the fields...getting them ready for us to play on.

The anxious nerves and excitement of gameday made hours of sitting in class go by so much faster. Winning games meant the world to my team, especially when we were ranked in the top 10 in the state.

Nicole (or "Snakeface") was my softball pal, and our Senior year we were co-captains of the varsity team. We spend MANY hours traveling on buses together and eating Subway sandwiches after games.(Thanks Nancy and Roger!) I was lucky to have such a fun friend to enjoy great memories with!

Here's Nicole with her cute family now. I'm so glad we are still in touch.

Those great spring days I never want to forget. What experiences do you always want to remember? Send me a link if you decide to blog about them!!


Aimee said...

Sometimes the smell of fresh cut grass reminds me of early morning practices. And when I actually get outside early in the morning (just before the sun comes up) it reminds me of jogging in the mornings with my dad. He used to sing his military "motivational" chants. Good times.

btw What camera did you get for Mothers Day? I am dying for the digital Canon Rebel. I LOVE photography. I used to do weddings, but having 3 kids takes most of my time now. LOL.

Lisa said...

When I open my front and back door to let the fresh (sometimes) air in the mornings and sometimes catching the trains reminds me of my sleep overs at my Nana's house in the summer. It makes me happy and makes me miss her so much too. But it is one of those things for me.

Tanya said...

i love the smell of fresh cut grass. i am going to have to look into that book.

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