Last minute Mother's Day gift = Picture Magnet

Okay, so this one is coming a little late...and you now have a glance into how crazy my life has been lately. But I figured that even if your mom doesn't get one for Mother's Day, maybe she could get one for her birthday or maybe your dad or grandpa can get one for Father's Day.

Enough already. Let's get to this fun little treasure...its cute, cheap, and took me 5 minutes.

Picture Magnet

What you'll need:
-Clear magnetic picture frame (You know the just slip in a picture inbetween to clear pieces of plastic. I got mine at the dollar store its a 3 1/2X5. If you can't find one like this you could always put a magnet on the back of any frame.)
-An unused card with a design you like (optional)
-5 minutes

1) Here's the clear "frame" and picture. In the 2nd picture you can see the magnet on the back:

2) Trim your picture (if necessary) to fit inside the frame. Trim it a little smaller than the frame if you are going to use the card as a background (see next step to get an idea). Sorry, no picture of this one, but I think you can figure it out!:)

3) Take your card and cut it in half & then cut it the exact size of the frame: (Skip steps 3,4,& 5 if you don't want to use a card as a background.)

4) Write something special on it... ...and tape or glue it facing outward (so your someone special can read it when they turn it over) to the picture:

5) Optional: You can use the leftover card to cut a little design if you want. (As you can see from the picture it took me a few times to get something I liked:) Place it on the picture where you'd like it. You could also add something to the outside like a ribbon, sticker, or anything else that would be cute.

6) Put the finished photo in the frame. (not can do it!)

7) There you have it! What a nice addition to any fridge!:)
Happy Mother's Day!


Siri said...

Such sweet words about your Mom. And, yet again, another great craft idea! Thanks Em. Hope your Mother's Day was a wonderful one!

Tanya said...

great idea! i made those when trey was a baby and i found them the other day. it would be cool to make one every year so you could see how your family changes. i really love that family picture by the beach as well.

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