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Aunt Tanya visiting from Oregon. We love her. Thanks for all of your help Tan...especially the trips to Whole Foods, Costco, making meals, cleaning my dirty house, holding Aidan so I could sleep & shower, taking the boys out to Kangaroo Zoo, going to the fair, & the list goes on....miss you!

Bob & our "little bug" in the backyard. I love how little Aidan looks when Bob holds him. Bob is a great dad & a great help...especially when he takes a "shift" at night to help me out! Its been a bit crazy around the Ashby home with Bob in school & working 2 jobs while we adjust to having a new born. He's been a great support during this postpartum period!!

Aunt Margie visiting before her marathon in Logan! Ethan loved running & playing with Marge & told her to win her race!


Tanya said...

i allow postings of pictures of me with the little ones only :o) he is so cute! i miss that guy. hope to see you guys soon!

Janette said...

I want to come visit you and the fam so bad..maybe next time we our up(if that will ever be this year?)

Jessica said...

He is so cute. Those pictures are great -- so sweet. And go Marge! You are the marathon queen.

Andrea said...

Miss you two!

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