Fun Visitors!

I have to admit that one of the great things about having a new baby is that family comes to visit. We were lucky enough to have my parents come from Oregon and help out for about 10 days & then Tanya (also visiting from Oregon)came and stayed with us last weekend. It was a great blessing to have them help clean, wash, cook, shop, watch Aidan so I could sneak some sleep, & play with/watch Ethan. Thanks go out to my family & the rest of you that have been kind enough to help out while I've been recovering!

Mom, Dad, & Ethan at the Chirstus on Temple Square.

Tanya, Trey, Ethan, Steph, Bob, Me, & Matt at a BBQ at our house last weekend.


Janette said...

hey, I didn't realize that you couldn't view my blog. give me your e-mail address at

Janette said...

I am glad that you have had so much great is your fam. we miss you guys

Siri said...

Emily ... you are so stinkin' cute! I love you and your beautiful face. Still so glad I get to peek in on you from time to time. And what a fun family ... what WOULD we do without our families?! You are blessed. =)

Tanya said...

we had so much fun with you guys. can't wait till january!

Andrea said...

Congrats Em! I'm so happy for you!

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