Great Grandma Smith

Aidan's great grandma Smith came from Cali to visit & see us! It was fun to have 4 generations together & we had a great visit. (Isn't she such a pretty lady? Hopefully we all age so well!)

Ethan loves his little brother...although I think he looks forward to more interactive play in the future! Aidan really quiets down when Ethan talks & sings to him. Its really sweet.


Janas Bananas said...

I love the picture of you guys!!4 generations how fun..I have not seen your grandma in years!! She does look great. I wish we all lived close so we could enjoy all the changes and kids...but such is life and this is as good as we can get right now....Love the pictures!

Tanya said...

so much fun! your grandma is so great. excited to come!

Tanya said...

i need more baby pictures. like at least one a day.

swtelford said...

First, your baby is to die for! SO cute!! Secondly, you look great! AND so does your mom (she hasn't aged a bit) And your grandma does too, you have some good genes going on!

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