Great Gifts That May or May Not Be On Your List...

{Think Outside the Stocking}
If you're stuck trying to figure out what to get that certain someone let's see if we can't just get those wheels turning!  KSLAM (Ch 5 NBC affiliate in SLC)  & I have teamed up with some great products to get a few people checked off of that merry little list!

#1 Finis Neptune Underwater Music Mp3 Player
Yes! Underwater music at last!  Do you feel like you might be on an episode of Buck Rodgers? (Did I just say Buck Rodgers?! Ha!)  These are pretty amazing and quite futuristic. My husband LOVES his set and won't go swimming without them.  Really.

Somehow these nifty headphones use bone conduction to make music clear while underwater. Its actually amazing how clear they actually sound.  In fact, when you are out of the water the sounds is fuzzy but as soon as you are submerged its like you're at a live concert!

What I would have given to have these years ago when I was on the Swim Team in High School.  You can find the Finis Neptune on sale for $139.99.

#2 HexBug Nano 2
We are in love with these little bugs in the Ashby home.  They are like little pets for us.  We race them, cheer for them, mourn when we can't find them, and cry when their batteries run out.

If you've never seen them let me just say that they really do look like bugs crawling all over...but without the "ick" affect!  The vibrations of the battery inside the little bugs sets them running and its quite a site!

And now that have this awesome set called the Hexbug Nano V2 Black Hole!  These little critters actually crawl up the tubes and then fall down into the black hole only to find themselves climbing right back up!

 If you are looking for a fun gift that is sure to bring a smile to any child's face here you go! You can find these at and get the hexbugs ($4.99) separately or with a set like this Hexbug Nano V2 Black Hole ($49.99).  Get ready for some good times!

#3 HexBug AquaBot Fish with Fishbowl
Finally we can give the boys a pet for Christmas that won't require any extra TLC.  Maybe we can get a dog someday, but until then we'll be happy with this Hexbug robotic fish!

You can find this amazing little AquaBot at for $14.99.

#4 Lego Set
This is the go-to gift for any boy or even girl from 5-13.  Its easy and always a winner!  And if you know anything about Lego's, you know that boats are all the rave. They are hard to build so to get a set like this is always a treat! LEGO Legends of Chima Cragger’s Command Ship  ($79.99 at

And we are thrilled to have a new Lego Store in Salt Lake City! Yahoo!

#5 Trendy Ties Bow & Neck Ties
Now I bet you weren't expecting these little gems to be up next!  I had to include these as a great idea to put on that list!  The perfect stocking stuffer for any little tot.  (Especially because when they are this little they don't really care what they get...and the moms LOVE them!)

Trendy Ties are made here in the USA and are not only great quality but super cute!

So if you're looking for a little boys tie this is your place.

And you must take advantage of Trendy Ties $10 Tuesday deal!

Now go! Shop! And have a fun doing it!

Santa's Helper,
Emily aka "Toad"
+Emily Ashby

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