Easy Fox DIY Shirts, Bags, and More For Those Fox Lovers!

{Say what?}
What does the fox say? 
Just in case you've been hiding in a cave and not a forest...come on out and let's talk foxes.  Yes, foxes.  Those orange-ish, cat-like creatures have quickly become all of the rage these days!

What started out as a "joke" of a music video has gone completely viral.   If you don't believe me just stand in a crowd (or around my 2 boys) and say the words, "What Does the Fox Say?"-- I promise you will get a range of interesting & random made up sounds like "Ya Ta Ta Ta Ya Ta Ta Tee Tee Tee".

And if your lucky, dancing may also accompany the strange noises. :)

The way I see it, there are a million things worse than a fox that our kids could love...so let's embrace this little song and dance. :)  And if you really want to win points with the younger generation this Christmas go for something like this...

{This cute fox bag is for sale on Etsy for $25.}

As I was running jogging ;) the other day I thought about all of the fun we could have with this fad.  And so here are some DIY Fox ideas...with tutorials and a great deal of foxy fun to follow!

#1 What Does the Fox Say T-shirt
Rachel at Serendipity Designs (Etsy)  had the cutest fox that I could find.  So for $2.50 plus $2.00 for the custom wording I got an email with a PDF of this cute fox clip art!  In the next few days I will do a picture tutorial on how I made this cute fox shirt (using the fox as an iron on), but for now just feast your eyes on this sweet design!

But did I stop there? Oh, no!  Why not stick foxes everywhere!

#2 Cute Fox Bags (Made with Iron Ons)
If these simple bags don't get you excited about what the fox says I'm not sure what will.  These were so easy and something ANYONE would love!!

This little tote was made with digital art via Creative Market.  Set $8.  So sweet.  Once again, just printed them out on iron paper and ironed them right onto the bag. 

 #3 Fox in a Frame
If you want a great conversation starter I dare you to put this on your desk.  You will not only be super cool, but super foxy.

Just print out a fox...any fox...and put it in a cute frame.  I know...you can totally do this!

#4 Stuffed Fox Plushie DIY
Coming soon will also be an easy tutorial about how to make these cute DIY foxes!  Inspired by my easy owls, these foxes are fun, fast, and make a great pillow or stuffed toy!

Now what do YOU say?! Well, you can catch these foxy ideas and more on KSL Ch 5 tomorrow morning at 6:45!  Ethan and I will be talking up foxes.

And the tutorials for these great projects will follow!

A Fox loving Toad
+Emily Ashby

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