Inside Snowman: A Busy Mom's Dream

{Warm is Wonderful}
Next time your little ones begs you to make a snowman with them the answer is, "YES!" 

If you've had a little bit of this going on...

but you don't have enough time, man power, or hand warmeres to run out and make a full fledged snowman, here is your answer!

What do you think?!  Our 1st big snowfall hit here in Utah and Aidan was begging me to build a snowman.  We had to pick up Ethan in 15 minutes so building a real snowman wasn't an option...then I quickly came up with this!

Aidan happy...check!  Mom happy...check!

Don't have snow?  How about a marshmallow or popcorn ball? I bet they'd work nicely too!

{Winter Wonderland}
There's nothing like being a kid in the snow.   Nothing...including frozen fingers or toes...holds you back from having the time of your life.  

There's also nothing like watching kids play in the snow!  Having that cocoa ready when they come in is one of my favorite moments as a mom.  I love it.  

Happy snowman making!

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