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{Toad's Tuesday Treasures}
I'm claiming Tuesday.  Yep, I am.  In an attempt to get more organized (I know, its about time...don't judge!;) I've decided  Tuesday will be my make, find, explore, & share creative/crafty/fun ideas!  So welcome to my weekly treasure hunt!  I have lists of sewing, crafting, cooking, photos, blah, blah, blah that I had been wanting to if I set a day...Tuesday... you and I will both know when they are coming!   {I may post other days as well, but this will be my main day!} 

This week I have found a sweet local gem.  And for those of you in the Salt Lake Area this little find may just change your Saturday (or Thursday or Sunday) schedule for months to come...oh, and also give you a few fun ideas for Halloween parties and Holiday gifts!

{The Wasatch Front Farmers Market}
When was the last time you went to your local farmer's market?

If it wasn't long ago...good for YOU!  Buying local is definitely gaining popularity...which is great for everyone. I think of it as a local, live Etsy party! Not only does it feed our local economy, but it allows A LOT of people to be able to make money doing something they love.  And who doesn't want to do that?

I have to admit it had been a while since I had been to a Farmer's Market and The Wasatch Front Farmer's Market was more than I had ever expected!

Here's why:

Most markets have great produce...



or maybe even a cow train.

But does your Farmer's Market have THIS...

{A Kids Market}
How about a place for kids to make and sell their own little gems?

Once a month kids get a shot at being a market vendor from 10-12 PM.  This little Mr even left with $21 in this little pockets at the end! (That's more than my babysitter made last night working for 3 hours!)

Wouldn't these be great to make for a class Halloween Party?

And here's one my personal, totally unbiased, favorite shops...
Sticks & Things ;)

These handmade pictures and frames are so sweet.   (And you can find them HERE if you'd like one!)

And really, how many markets have you been to where a real live witch is actually a customer?

Who knows what she did with those acorns she bought...

{Farm-Fresh Breakfast}
Forget Denny's, IHOP, or the McDonald's drive through.;)  Welcome to the Farm-Fresh Breakfast at the Market...and these guys aren't joking around.  

You better believe my meat and potatoes loving husband was happy to go to a market...well, as soon as he found out about this...

This was seriously the best French Toast I've ever had.  Hands down.

Complete with syrup packets, honey butter, and the cutest little orange juice you've ever seen. Yum & Yum!

And served by some of the happiest farm girls I've seen!

{Thoughtful Vendors}
And here are a few more perks of this great market...

LIVE honey bees & the honey to go along with them. 

Fire grilled pizza.

Fall Treats.  This includes more witches than you'd ever want to meet!  (You know they love Gardner Village this time of year!  It makes Hogworts look like a magical preschool!)

Live Entertainment...

Pretty produce...complete with a pretty impressive apple splitting side show!

Impressive right? I had to buy apples from these gals...not only because they were yummy...but did you see that girls biceps?  She earned my sale for sure.

{Pony Tours}
No, not just a ride...a tour of the market.  This pony puller had this little buckroo blowing kisses at the ladies. I kid you not.  A memorable $5. 

{Wild Bill}
Need I say more? I'm pretty Doc Baker would have been glad to have this healthy gentleman around town back in the day. ;)


Did I miss anything? Probably...there was so much great stuff!  

Oh yes, back to the witch again.  And with this witch is cute MaryAnn...she runs the entire market!  And her cute name couldn't fit her job any better.  Kudos to you MaryAnn and your great market too!

Oh, and what's that you say? You are going to continue the market once a month through the winter? Yay!  And what else?  You are opening a Urban Farm & Food store in Salt Lake that will sell vendors items all year around?  Double Yay! Can't wait to hear more! (I want a Urban Farm shirt for sure!)

So friends, how did you like this little treasure?

And to all of you Farmer's Market loving readers...if you have a favorite market in your area be sure to leave a "shout out" for it in the comments so others can join you in your area!  

Thank-you Wasatch Front Farmer's Market...for bringing me back to the 4-H, County Fair feeling of my younger Tadpole years.  We'll see you again soon!

Emily aka Toad :)


The Royals said...

I will be heading over to Gardner Village soon! Thanks, Emily!

Unknown said...

Hi Royals! Thanks for your comment! Have a great time at the Market!

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