Free Jam Topper Printable: Made With Love

Yes, I'm bringing this one backMy mom started canning and I started printing...

Do you know what these are?  Currants.  Evidently my mom found them growing out in the garden area of the yard and decided to make jam.  

And look how pretty it turned out!  Although its kind of interesting...when you open the jars it turns to a lighter colored sugary lemonade type substance.

No, the can pictured below is not the substance.   But I just can't get it out of my head.

{Thanks Heather. You really did it this time. I'm a loyal Diet Coker, but this has stolen my little taste buds away from my standard. Only try it if you're ready to start buying cases...;)}

Ah, yes.  I've brought it's the flashback to last Christmas.  Such a fun "neighbor" and teacher gift.

And have you seen this?  Its totally sweet.  My grabbed it on a newsstand and its FULL of super great pictures and some pretty creative recipes.

This is one {of many} I really want to try...

And this is just a cool design they used on one of the pages...wouldn't that make great fabric?

So, here you have it.  A little printable to add to your cute little jars of whatever your little heart cans this year. Just remember that they can be used for much more than jam!  Wouldn't they be cute as gift tags or little cards?

Click here to print:

You'll get this sheet of cute labels in a variety of colors. Enjoy!

{No Wind}
2 days ago my mom and I took a risk...we packed up the boys and headed to the beach.  For some this may not seem like living on the edge, but if you've ever tried to predict the weather on the Oregon Coast you know exactly what I'm talking about.  You just never know.

This time, we got really lucky.  It was one of the BEST DAYS EVER.   Bar none.  Oregonians endure rain most of the year knowing that these special days can come.

Sunny, no wind...a pleasant 69 degrees.  No, that is not a typo.  The only terrible thing was that my dad, grandma, Tanya and kids, and all of you couldn't join us! 

{The Babe}
I have never met a person like little man this in my life.  He has totally rocked my world.  Everyday he has me scratching my head which either makes me want to cry or giggle....or sometimes both. 

The other day a lady at the pool asked me how I taught him to swim so well.  Me?  Are you kidding?  I simply explained that I wish I could tell her I did something cool,  but most of the time I have very little control over anything he does.  Very little control.

I say come, he runs.  I say eat, he says no.  I say lets get dressed, he grabs my face.  

Fortunately Ethan helps me a ton with Aidan...and for that I'll always be grateful. 

Yes, our Aidan is a happy, healthy, speech delayed little guy who may make me crazy, but gives the best open mouthed kisses around.  When his little arm wraps around my neck I melt.  When he shouts "MAAAA" when he so desperately needs me I can't help but smile.

I just hope I don't brake his spirit in my attempt to be sane.  He is definitely going places.

So, go make some jam and make me feel better by running after your 2 year olds. 

'Tis the season.:)

Sweet Summer Wishes,


Dawn said...

Oh Emily, I understand. I have a head scratcher too. You probably handle it so much better than me. Maybe I should come live with you for a while so I can observe :)

Mom2fur said...

I bet the currant jam is amazing. I've made strawberry and cherry-pluot so far this year.
I have that magazine, too! It's gorgeous. I'm going to hit the farmstand to see if we have local tomatoes for me to can as well as to make canned salsa. Canning is very new to me, but I've been pretty successful at it. Haven't given anyone ptomaine, at least!
Oh, and I wouldn't be surprised if your little guy starts talking so much one day that he'll drive you nuts. My oldest son was like that--hardly said anything until he was about 2. We even had him tested for deafness. The end of the story is that he's a successful computer programmer of age 28 now, a great fellow and even a homeowner!
Trust me...there is always hope for the future!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, I forgot to say...yes, he does talk. Not much, but what he says is interesting.

The Blandon's said...

Em, you are just too cute and creative! I love it all as I always do.
Plus, do you mind if I steal some of the reunion pictures off of your blog?

Brandy J. said...

Fabulous labels and I love all your pictures. It looks like you have been busy having lots of fun!

Kate said...

these are great! Thanks for sharing them. I just wanted to let you know I'm sending people over from my blog tomorrow (6/22/12). Have a good weekend!

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