Made It

{Checking In}
Just wanted to let all you that we made it.  After our stop over in Boise and a day at Roaring Springs {love that water park by the way}, we rolled back into my old stomping grounds Saturday night.  There is nothing like summer in the Great Northwest!

The boys were actually great sports...especially since we hooked up the wii and got the new Pirates of the Carribean game.  Our only real mishap was about 1/2 hour outside of Baker City {eastern Oregon}...

If you happen to be driving West on I-84 than I bet your car still stinks like ours does! We still don't know what was spilled on the road, but we not only drove through it but got splattered and covered with it when a semi went through it at the same time as we did.

I think it was chicken crap that had been sucked from coops and was being transported and then got spilled all over the road.  The stench was horrible and we could hardly breathe.  The nearest car wash was a 1/2 away and by that time the disgusting poop like substance had dried. 

2 car washes later we thought we may have curbed the smell, but no luck.  Yesterday Bob borrowed my Dad's pressure washer and cleaned out every little nook and cranny he could find.

The smell is better, but not yet gone.  All you road trippers better be on the lookout!

Right now the boys are out playing and swinging while we pack up to meet my Travis and Tanya up camping on Mt. Hood.  Yeah, I guess I'd better go and help!:)

I'm hoping all of these berries will be ready for me when we get back.

Have a safe and Happy 4th! 


deonthemom said...

Wait! Where is the TIRE SWING???

Tanya said...

wish we were still camping.

Jenn said...

Looks AMAZING! I am seriously thinking about leaving tomorrow night and making a road trip. I'll let you know if we do and maybe we can hook up!

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