The Heart

{My Dad}
You won't meet a more tenderhearted hearted, Gospel centered, loving man. 

So about 10 days ago when my mom called me with tears because my dad was in the hospital my heart dropped. It was pretty much a no brainer to jump in the car and make the 800 mile journey to be with them.

After a few scary moments,  he was released from the hospital diagnosed with atrial fibrilation.  In my terms...his heart flutters. 

Evidently millions of people --like my dad-- have this condition and many are not even aware of it.  Treated, the complications can be minimized.  Untreated, the inefficiency of the heart to pump all of the blood out {because of these flutters} can cause the blood to pool and clot, and there is a high probably of having a stroke. 

{While home I took this picture of this picture that my grandma had up in her home.  Dad in the younger years...;)}

Fortunately, he's now aware of his condition and is taking the steps for treatment.   Thank-you to those who have kept him in their hearts and prayers.   We love you Dad.

Its times like these that life really gets put into perspective.  For that I am grateful. 

{Trey and Lucy}
Although our trip was brief and we didn't get to see everyone we would have liked to {missed you Greyson!}, we played with Trey and Lucy as much as we could...

As some of you may know, their mom Tanya has been amazingly ill.  I have to admit that seeing her near starvation with my brother poking needles into her just about did me in.   No she isn't dying of some terminal disease {although she may feel like it}, she's 9 weeks along.  Thank goodness for IV's and pumps of Zofran.  Ah, Tan.  I'm so sorry.

{Poor Cat}
And if my dad and Tanya don't have it bad about this cat.   Nobody really knows where it came from, but its been hanging around my parents properties for years now.  My grandpa Peggy has always treated it right {bringing it all sorts of leftovers and treats} and has been caring for it since the see, my mom hit it backing out of the driveway a few weeks ago. 

So sad.  But don't feel too an outdoor cat life has taken on new meaning inside my sweet grandma's rehab unit.  Okay, her house.

Sidebar: And look how skinny my mom is!  Medifast.  Nice work mom!  And as for the silly gal with the little sister.  Steph the camera-ham.;)

 Needless to say our little trip was full of heartfelt hugs...

and enjoying life each day...

especially coat-less and enjoying the Oregon sun in February!

I spent more time out swinging this little guy than I had planned...

but I couldn't help it.  I love him, and I'm a complete sucker for that contagious giggle and screams of "Mo, Mo! PEEZ!"

{VDay Evolution}
My first & probably favorite memory of Valentine's Day was converting shoe boxes with construction paper and markers into mail boxes for my classmates.   3rd grade.  Loved it.

Then for most of my teenish years Feb 14 was usually spent in longing...wishing to spend "day of  love" with whomever was lucky enough for me to have a crush on that year.

My 20's helped me to more fully understand that my only true source of happiness and unconditional love comes from a wise Creator and Heavenly Father who fills any void like no other.

And now, in my 30's my heart is full of love.  Not just for the man who swept me off my feet, but for the little men who are now always at my feet.

 Ah, The Heart.


The Aviles Six Pack said...

OH my Gosh, how scary to think you might lose a loved one. I'm happy to know he is doing fine and taking good care of his heart. We should never take for granted our loved ones. We need to tell and show them every single day how much we love them. :)

Stephanie Marie said...

cameraaaa haaaaaaam!!

metal mama said...

ah jeez!
i'm glad he's doing better. :)
your pictures are awesome!!

Zerique said...

love your valentine post.

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