Toad Crossing

My cute friend April & her super great husband Sean {all you JCers know how cool they are} sent this great picture to me. They are currently living in Jerusalem, but travel all over the place. Most recently they went back to visit England where they lived for a while. She was so sweet to think of me when she saw this sign.

I LOVE the respect they have for Toads in England.:)


For those who don't know the story my "nickname" of Toad, here's the run down. When I was little I loved the water and especially splashing in the tub. One day as a I was in the tub on my tumming "swimming" around and my grandma Johnson came in and saw me. She said I looked like a toad, and from then on called my Emmy toad.


This name stuck and most of my close family {and Josh O'harra} still call me "Toad". Thanks to my brothers I'm also referred to as "toadface" or most recently {thanks to his dad & my brother} my nephew Trey called me "toadsqat". I have to admit, I love when Trey and Lucy call me "Toad". They put a special emphasis on the "O" part and it always makes me smile.

So there you have it. The story of a little Toad.

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Tanya said...

loved it :o)

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