Rain or Shine

We got this airplane months ago in anticipation of getting grass in the back. Bob put it together last weekend, and Ethan is so happy to have it that nothing will stop him from playing on it. I don't know how well you can see the rain dripping off the airplane, but Memorial Day it was pouring down rain Oregon style. It didn't phase Ethan though...he just asked for a towel to wipe down his seat and he was loving life. His face tells it all.


Tanya said...

"oh my gosh i need to go there. thats that best airplane in my whole life. does that thing go in the sky? i want to see that airplane. lets call him and ask him if i can play at his house."

-straight out of the mouth of trey

Shelly Karren said...

Makes me want to play on that thing. How fun! Hope you are well, Em.

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