Hi from Oregon

So, at the last minute (I bought our tickets Thursday at 5:30PM and the flight left at 7:45PM) Ethan and I ended up coming to Oregon for Matt and Kathryn's open house! It was great. The weather was in the 80's and my parents yard looked amazing. Ethan has been so happy to see everyone...especially his "best friend Trey".

Don't worry, when I get a chance I'll post pictures from our CA trip and Ethan's preschool graduation. I know you're all just watching and waiting...:)


Tanya said...

we are so glad you guys came to visit. i am so glad ethan and trey are the same age. your baby count down says 100 today! 1 more day till you are in double digits.

Tanya said...

99 days! i can't believe it! you are doing a great job. we miss you guys!

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