Easter Egg Fun


Shelly Karren said...

Emily! Congratulations on the new baby! I am so excited for you. Keep us all posted on what you're having...boy or girl? I guess we'll see. Shelly K

Hello! said...

Emily--where'd you get the Easter Egg painting supplies? They looked fun. Jaida would love to paint the eggs instead of dip them. And dressing them up too. . .fun, fun. So where'd you go?

Unknown said...

Hi Lindsay!
My dad picked up the egg painting/dress kits a few years ago on an after Easter sale and I'm not sure where. They were fun though. I'll keep me eyes out for ya!

Tate Family said...

Hello Emily...soo glad you have a blog too...I'll invite you into mine.
BTW, I really think you can't go wrong with boy or girl...so I have no opinion

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